Plumbing Issues and Puff Corn

Captain’s Log  4,526

Be still my heart.  This is a miracle.  SO awful for you and SO good.  Addicting.  One piece of puff corn easily leads to 20.  Or 25.

puff cornBest fun I ever had for $2.

The plumber was out today.  Sinks in the kitchen were backing up into the laundry room. When I turned on the garbage disposal, the sludge spewed out the other side of the sink.  Nice, black goo.  In fact, the pipes were filled with probably at least 25 years of sludge and goo – according to the plumber dude.  It looked somewhat like this.


Looks like a distant cousin to the Moray eel, don’t you think?

The only way to truly fix it was to ram a high pressure hose into the pipe and let forced water do its magic.  This went on for almost an hour.


Dislodges all the nasty goo stuff.

I was so glad when this was all over.  Two drains snaked and the high-pressure hose thing cost about $500 (actually a bit more).  When I told him I am a vegetarian and there is NEVER meat grease in my sink, he said my drains should last 50 years now.  Meat grease is deadly.  He also told me NO MORE COFFEE GROUNDS IN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL.  Actually, he suggests using that device sparingly.  Cannot even put errant spaghetti noodles down there anymore.  AND…I have to put a cleaning bead down there once a week.  I ordered some from Amazon because I just felt like it.


Instant Martha pellets

I had been putting wee slices of fresh lemon down the disposal to keep it fresh.  Trevor, the Plumber Dude, just smiled and said, “No no no.”  Since Trevor knows a LOT more about old drains and pipes that I ever will know or care to know, he gets to hand out the advice.

Trevor and I each had a root beer when this whole messy adventure was over.  I can only imagine what Febreze Lady next door thought of that nasty metallic dirty pipe smell that accompanies plumbing work.  Too bad.  So sad.

On to more Puff Corn.  AND……ordering the next book for the book club.  We met this morning.  Massive fun.  We even talked about the book.  Here’s the next one.

in the garden of beasts

I doubt if this group is the Fifty Shades type.  Thank goodness.


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16 responses to “Plumbing Issues and Puff Corn

  1. OMG! That is disgusting! First thing I had done when we moved into our house, over 15 years ago, was have the garbage disposal removed. Those things just make me feel all icky! So glad you got that mess taken care of!

  2. That was just flat out ugly. Ewwwwwwwwwww and ugggyuuck. So glad your pipes were up to the ferocious cleaning they got. More hugs. Rootbeer solves all ills.

  3. i never put coffee grounds in my garbage disposal but then I don’t drink coffee. I’ve also heard that potato peelings are the worst….but I don’t peel potatoes either. In fact, I hardly ever use the garbage disposal…just run it once every week or so….and I have used Plink…. I put all my food drippings into a clean cottage cheese container I keep in the freezer and when it is full, I throw it in the garbage to be collected….

  4. You’re a…a…vegetarian?? How come I never knew this sad detail of your life before? I’m so sorry….

  5. I’ve found since I’ve been vegan no nasty smells out of my sink or dishwasher.

  6. I’m surprised he recommended the cleaner. I get the purpose behind the garbage disposal but really the only thing I “dispose” in it is whatever bits and oddities remain when I hand-wash dishes.

    • poolagirl

      The cleaner is also a de-greaser just in case anything gets down there. Until my roomies move out, I will continue to have animal products in the sink when they prepare food. I don’t allow meat to be cooked in the house but cleaning up is another matter. So that’s why he suggested the ball things. I never put meat products in the sink cuz…..well….how obvious is that?

  7. annanotbob

    Baking soda is a good, harmless substance to put down sinks that gets rid of smells and grease. Coffee grounds can go on the garden.Happy Sunday xxx

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