Jett is My Geopal & Do We Ever Have Fun!

Captain’s Log  4,525

Played a bit of “fudging” yesterday and spent a good part of the afternoon with my geopal, Jett.  We hunted in the rain.  It was hilarious!  And we were 6 for 6!  Tremendously lucky!

We found two fave containers.  Will post one today and one tomorrow.  I have found a few of these before and they always make me smile.


Sneaky to hide the container inside a fake rock – and then hide the rock in the damn weeds next to the fence where it looks like all the other rocks.

This cache also had a puzzle that had to do with the house numbers added together and then having 20 more added to that for some sort of cosmic experience.  We didn’t get it at all.  What is the significance of 22 and 42?

We are going out again sometime to find the one that says “requires Spidey sense” to reach this one.  It was too wet and slippery to be much of Spidey anythings yesterday, so that will have to wait for dry weather.

Went to see Skyfall last night.  OMG!  Damn Judi Dench is AMAZING!  

Judi Dench

Such a classy lady!

It’s her birthday next week.  She’s going to be 78 years old.  I think I will send her a card.


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12 responses to “Jett is My Geopal & Do We Ever Have Fun!

  1. You really “rocked” it! LOL

  2. Yes, I agree, she is marvelous. Yes too, did the rock really look real? LOL

  3. In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”. 22 is a “master” number in numerology. 42/22 refers to a kind of gun; and is a site called “Humanity Through Baseball”. A quote from their site says “We believe that the combination of baseball and caring for fellow human beings is an extraordinary opportunity that benefits not only the children and orphans of Kenya, but also those from the United States who are fortunate enough to participate.” (The site name is taken from the jersey numbers of two famous baseball players.)

    It looks to be church related but doesn’t look like it promotes religion nearly as much as it aims to bring joy and a sense of belonging to orphaned children.

  4. I think all that searching and figuring out clues is a GREAT exercise for your brain!

  5. Patty O'Reilly

    Great gal pals, your Jett and Judy!

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