Books and Globetrotting

Captain’s Log  4,519

I did absolutely nothing yesterday but read.  And sort my sweater drawer and fold everything nicely.  And clean the kitchen.  My kitchen MUST be clean and tidy or I am upset.  Nobody notices or gives a crap but me, but that’s okay.  As long as I am happy.  If you have ever been food poisoned with staph goobers, you will ALWAYS want a clean kitchen.  My mother taught me well.

I stumbled across this book and decided to download it to my Kindle.  It was NOT free (amazing) but I did it anyway.  I read it in one sitting.

Personality disorders…..can’t get enough of them

The little girl who “replaced” Melissa Gilbert as the adopted child Cassandra on Little House on the Prairie certainly had some rough going with her mother.  Her mother who stole all her money and lied about it for years.  Interesting tale of what greed can do to people.

I also read this amazing story of a young woman and her friend who decide to backpack across Central America.  It is HILARIOUS!  

Truly funny story of two Irish lasses who find themselves in all sorts of “entertaining” (aka “dangerous” and “precarious”) situations.  The book is inspiring.  Ms. Howard quit her job and devoted her time to writing this book…and several others.  I took heed.  Massive heeding was the order of the day.

I am off to spend my last day of freedom with Big Sister Mia.  We are doing breakfast and a movie for sure.  I don’t know what else she has up her sleeve.  

Buying tickets to Amsterdam tomorrow morning!  And then….making arrangements to go to Spain and visit my friends Bud and Gaynor.  

My friends who are now living in Spain

Where my friends live in Spain

Yeah, I need to go to Spain.  They said I can stay a whole month.  Think that sounds about right.


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19 responses to “Books and Globetrotting

  1. Next you will be Watching House Hunters International for a vacation home! After a visit to Amsterndam and a month in Spain, I can’t imagine you will want to come back here at all….

  2. If you are going to be there that long, I’ll send you to inspect the granddaughter I’ve never met and her father’s. And too, I bet you have to fly into Gatwick to get to Spain. 🙂 LOL

  3. Steph Rake

    Proves “who you know” beats the heck out of “what you know”….What a great see a fabulous country. Iris and I were in Portugal and drove to Sevilla…so I havent seen much of Spain. But many of my buds have and everyone loves it there!!

  4. Dang – globetrotter indeed! You’re fortunate to be able to travel as much as you do. And I am less fussy about a clean kitchen than G is – right up until it’s time for me to cook, at which point everything must be immaculate and de-germified to the nth degree.

  5. Amsterdam AND Spain. How fabulous! On the same trip? or do you get two trips out of it? And how special to stay in non-commercial space and do your own thing! WOW!

  6. Joanie Benson

    What a cool house.

  7. Ooh, Spain! Thank goodness for modern travel.

    When John Adams was supposed to go to…France, that time, I think…the boat was blown off course and he had to travel from Spain to France in a carriage over unpaved roads.

    Reading history leads to strange mental connections. And gratitude that such things needn’t happen again.

  8. annanotbob

    If you would like to visit England while you’re in Europe, I would love to have you to stay and show you around. I am half an hour from London Gatwick. xx

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