Coronitas Are Not Meant For Solo Enjoyment

Captain’s Log    4,518

I did nothing yesterday except take a shower, water the flowers, eat, play poker, and drink a Coronita.  I had no idea you are supposed to actually balance that tiny little bottle of beer on top of a margarita.  UGH!  I just drank the wee bottle of beer and was more than content.

Seriously?  Beer in a margarita?  Sounds horrid.  But it must be popular because they even have those balance things that grip the edge of the glass.  UGH!

When I was in college, we used to go to a biker bar in South Dakota have beer martinis.  That is a glass of 3.2 beer with an olive in it.  We were 19 years old and thought of ourselves as truly cool.

I fudged the rules of Texas Hold ‘Em.  Instead of dealing two down cards and playing five up cards, I dealt two down cards, four up cards, and another down card.  Oooops!  It still worked.  I am going to call it Pirate Hold ‘Em.  Why not?

Instead of wearing cowboy hats the players can wear eye patches.  Kinda neat cuz they “mask” what you are really thinking.  If you wear eye patches on both eyes, you can really fool them!

I got trounced out of the game early and took over as the official dealer for the remaining players.  Child unit cleaned up with an “all in” hand at the very end.  She snagged a full house on the very last up card.  Told you the modification could be fun!

I also ate two pieces of pie.  One lemon and one pumpkin.  Seven hours between “feedings” so I didn’t feel like an over-stuffed Roman having to loosen my toga whilst lounging on the steps of some house of debauchery.

It’s going to be a good day.  I do have a rather large, angry zit on my temple that makes the wearing of sunglasses a bit uncomfortable, but if that’s the extent of today’s challenges, I shall consider myself very lucky.


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17 responses to “Coronitas Are Not Meant For Solo Enjoyment

  1. My apologies for being gone so long. I would have sworn that I was just here yesterday making a comment. So here I am today! I succeeded in my Nano goal and submitted my manuscript this morning. Now that is off my mind for a few weeks although the sniper fire may still be waiting for me later on. Hope you have a magnificent day….Love you.

  2. The great Geezer went back to work for you for the first time today. He didn’t come home early, so it must be a success. Ornaments can be had for a fraction at the discovery shop. You can hide them until. Hugs.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    I learned one thing in my youth…. do not mix the tequila with beer and for craps sake don’t eat the damned worm…. just sayin…..

  4. jo

    I like the idea of Pirate poker

  5. Beer martini? I’m gonna have to tell that one to the resident bartender. I haven’t stumped him yet.

  6. I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how you were:) And now I know and all is right with the world!

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