Un-Black Friday

Captain’s Log   4,517

It’s Black Friday and I am not going anywhere today.  I plan to go as far as the back yard and that is it.  I despise shopping and I despise crowds, so the whole nutzoid mess of running out there like a crazed maniac is not my cup of tea.  Never was, never will be.  Kudos to the Walmart workers who are out there who are trying to make a difference.  That’s all I am going to say about that.  Several of my friends have worked at Walmart, and the stories they tell are horrendous.   Owners make billions while the workers qualify for food stamps.  And don’t give me that crap about the American dream and how we are supposed to be in awe of that kind of success.  To me, that is not success.  It is greed.  Ben & Jerry’s is a good example of how fair treatment and management can still lead to amazing success.  You don’t see any of their workers standing in the welfare line.

Go girls!

The fact that Walmart won’t allow their workers to unionize should be a huge sign that they think they can crap on people because when someone leaves, there is always someone there to take that job.  Walmart also practices a “dead peasant” policy.  They often take out $1,000,000 life insurance policies on their workers (without their knowledge or consent)  and list themselves as the beneficiary.  The sole beneficiary.

Who does this?  More companies than Walmart.  Here’s a list.

  • ADAC Laboratories
  • Advanced Telecommunication Corp.
  • Aeroquip Vickers Inc.
  • Alabama Power Co.
  • Alfa Corp.
  • Allegheny Technologies Inc.
  • Allergan Inc.
  • Allfirst Financial Inc.
  • American Business Products, Inc.
  • American Electric Power
  • American Express Co.
  • American Greetings Corp.
  • American Management Systems Inc.
  • American Seafoods Group LLC
  • Ameritech Corp.
  • Amerus Group Co.
  • Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
  • Appalachian Power Co.
  • Arch Chemical
  • Aristech Chemical Corp.
  • AT&T Communications
  • Atlantic Richfield Co.
  • Avery Dennison Corp
  • Avon Products Inc.
  • B. F. Goodrich Company
  • Ball Corporation
  • Bank Boston
  • Bank Of America
  • Bank One Corp.
  • Barnett Banks Inc.
  • Bassett Furniture Industries Inc.
  • Be Aerospace Inc.
  • Bear Stearns Companies
  • Bellsouth Corporation
  • Boise Cascade Corp.
  • Boston Company
  • Boston Federal
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
  • Camelot Music, Inc.
  • Carolina Power & Light Co.
  • Carpenter Technology Corp.
  • Catskill Financial Corp.
  • Central Power & Light Co.
  • Ch2m Hill Companies Ltd.
  • Charming Shoppes, Inc.
  • Checkfree Corp.
  • Chemical Banking Corporation
  • Citibank, N.A.
  • Citizens Bank
  • Clark Inc.
  • Clorox Company
  • CNF Inc.
  • Coca-Cola Company
  • Columbus Southern Power Co.
  • Commercial Intertech Corp.
  • Compass Bank (Florida & Alabama)
  • Computer Technology Associates Inc.
  • Consolidated Natural Gas Co.
  • Consolidated Rail Corporation
  • Cox Enterprises, Inc.
  • CTA Inc.
  • Cymer Inc.
  • Diamond Shamrock Inc.
  • Diebold Inc.
  • Dime Bancorp Inc.
  • Dow Chemical
  • Earle M. Jorgensen Co.
  • Eastman Kodak Company
  • Eaton Corp.
  • ECC Capital Corp.
  • Enserch Corp.
  • F&M Bancorp
  • FiberMark Inc.
  • Figgie International Inc.
  • Fina Oil & Chemical Company
  • First Bank System Inc.
  • First Commonwealth
  • First Midwest Bancorp Inc.
  • Fleet Bank
  • FleetBoston Financial Corp.
  • Flightsafety International Inc.
  • Frontier Bank
  • Fulton Financial Corp.
  • GATX Corporation
  • Georgia Power Co.
  • GNC Corp.
  • Great Plains Energy Inc.
  • GTE Corporation
  • Gulf Power Co.
  • HCR Manor Care Inc
  • Hechinger Company
  • Heritage Commerce Corp.
  • Herman Miller Inc.
  • Hershey Foods Corporation
  • Hillenbrand Industries, Inc.
  • Hosiery Corporation of America
  • Houghton Mifflin
  • Household Finance
  • Hovnanian Enterprises Inc.
  • Hughes Supply Inc
  • ICI Americas, Inc.
  • Idaho Power Company
  • IKON Office Solutions Inc.
  • Indiana Michigan Power Co.
  • Integra Bank Corp.
  • Intermark Inc.
  • Iowa First Bancshares Corp.
  • Iroquois Bancorp Inc.
  • J Jill Group Inc.
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Kansas City Power & Light
  • Kansas Gas & Electric Co.
  • Keithley Instruments Inc.
  • Kentucky Power Co.
  • Keycorp Ohio
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Korn Ferry International
  • Laser Master Int’l. Inc.
  • Linens N Things Inc.
  • LKQ Corp.
  • Louisiana Pacific Corp.
  • Manor Care Inc.
  • Marriott International Inc.
  • McDonnell Douglas Corp.
  • Media General Inc.
  • Medicalcontrol Inc.
  • Menasha Corporation
  • MidAmerican Energy Co.
  • Miix Group Inc.
  • Mississippi Power Co.
  • MNC Financial Inc.
  • Mueller Industries Inc.
  • National City Corporation
  • NationsBank
  • Nestle Enterprises
  • Norfolk Southern Corp.
  • Norfolk Southern Railway Co.
  • Northern States Power Co.
  • Ohio Power Co.
  • Old National
  • Olin Corporation
  • Owens & Minor Inc.
  • PacifiCorp
  • Panera Bread Co.
  • Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company
  • Parker Hannifin Corp.
  • Penn Treaty American Corp.
  • Penns Woods Bancorp Inc.
  • Phibro Animal Health Corp.
  • Philipp Brothers Chemicals Inc.
  • Phoenix Companies Inc.
  • Pinnacle Financial Services Inc.
  • Portland General Electric
  • Potlatch Corporation
  • PPG Industries
  • Procter & Gamble Company
  • PSS World Medical Inc.
  • Public Service Co. of New Mexico
  • Public Service Co. of Oklahoma
  • Public Service Enterprise Group
  • Questech Inc.
  • R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company
  • Ruddick Corp.
  • Ryder System Inc.
  • Sallie Mae (Stud Ln Mktg Assoc.)
  • Savannah Electric & Power Co.
  • Sequa Corp.
  • Service Merchandise Co., Inc.
  • Shearson Mortgage
  • Sherwin-Williams
  • Sky Chefs
  • Smart & Final Inc.
  • Smith Barney
  • Sonoco Products Co.
  • Southwest Bank
  • Southwest Water Co.
  • Southwestern Bell Corp.
  • Southwestern Electric Power Co.
  • Southwestern Public Service Co.
  • Star Banc Corp.
  • Stauffer Management Company
  • Steelcase Inc.
  • Sturgis Bancorp Inc.
  • Summit Bank of N.J.
  • Swank, Inc.
  • Tellabs Inc.
  • Tenet Healthcare Corp.
  • Texas Eastern Transmission Corp.
  • Tompkins Trustco Inc.
  • TXU Corp.
  • TYCO International
  • UniFirst Corp.
  • Union Bank
  • United National Bancorp
  • Urocor Inc.
  • Vineyard National Bancorp
  • W. R. Grace & Company
  • Wachovia Corporation
  • Walgreen Company
  • Wal-Mart Stores
  • Walt Disney
  • Wang’s International, Inc.
  • Wells Fargo, N.A.
  • West Coast Bancorp
  • West Texas Utilities Co.
  • Westar Energy Inc.
  • Western Aire Chef Inc
  • Western Resources, Inc.
  • Westpoint Pepperell
  • Winn Dixie
  • Winnebago Industries Inc.
  • Woolworth Corporation
  • Xcel Energy Inc.
  • York Water Co.
  • Zale Corp

My bank is listed there.  I am upset.  I am going to make a stink and see what happens.  I plan to write to all the companies I do business with.  Maybe I will just write to them all!  I will keep you posted.  Coca Cola, Walt Disney……nobody is going to be safe from my wrath.

Went to see Flight yesterday after a nice Thanksgiving dinner that someone else cooked and cleaned up.  The joys of restaurants on a day like yesterday.  I had a Monterrey omelette without the bacon.  It was delicious!  Since I am not a foodie, a holiday like Thanksgiving is about the people, not what’s for dinner.  I would have been happy with a peanut butter sandwich.  I mean it when I say that I truly do not care about things like that.  Community with others?  Yes.  Food?  Meh.

But it sure was fun watching Denzel piloting a crashing airplane!  Wow!  They shot that sequence in real time so we could really understand the fear of being in a situation like that.  Well played, Denzel!  In addition to being an excellent pilot, his character is also a coked-out alcoholic in massive denial of his problem.  Interesting story and a great supporting cast.  I see an Oscar in his future.  At least he will be nominated.  Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln or Denzel as Captain Whitaker?  Wow.  Hard call.


Go see it and scare yourself shitless.


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16 responses to “Un-Black Friday

  1. Bravo. Yes, let us know. I am grateful that our bank isn’t there.

    Yes, G and I braved Fashion Valley to see Skyfall. It was entertaining.

  2. I only wish there had been more support for the Wal Mart walkout yesterday. I guess only about 50 employees participated and a few hundred protesters nationwide. With a company as large as Wal Mart there is no oversight, nobody to slap any kind of real justice on them. They make enough money to buy the government (and I am sure they do.)

    I knew about Wal Mart’s policy of killing off… er, buying life insurance for their employees. A million dollar policy ain’t cheap; if they’d simply add the cost of that policy to their employees’ checks, it would be a step in the right direction.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    I have heard about the life insurance policy thing…very medieval and wrong. That list may be a bit dated though, Linens n things has been out of business for quite a few years (the dope I’m married to used to work there). I tend to blame the insurance industry first since they are the ones taking the money and writing the policies. If they didn’t do that it wouldn’t be possible. I wonder if there is a list of insurance companies that issue the policies to those companies….. (wandering off to google that…)

  4. Charlotte Bolinger

    I cannot believe ANYone would go shopping on Black Friday. Groceries, yes; “bargains” on things, NO. I cooked my last Thanksgiving dinner (fortunately just for my husband and me). It was terrible. At 76+ I’m way too old to get it all together. Your list of corporations was an eye-opener. Thank you for publishing it. It’s bad enough that we are subsidizing Walmart’s low prices with our taxes paying for food stamps and health care, etc. Those insurance policies are probably a brain fart of one our Wall Street geniuses; and the fact that so many corporations buy into it is appalling. Time for a revolution of refusing to buy their products.

  5. Penny Tushingham

    I would blame the insurance companies for allowing this happen first. If they didn’t allow it, this whole list of companies wouldn’t exist.

  6. Joanie Benson

    GEEZ! If anything suspicious happens to you, tell Mia to have the bank investigated! I don’t get this…it seems like an enormous conflict of interest! Like, in their employee’s death! Is there something I’m not understanding? Any time they find themselves in financial trouble they can knock off one of their employees and collect a million dollars without being Investigated? Without the employee’s consent?? I never knew that companies like this could take out large insurance policies on their employees. What an eye opener. This is so interesting I just have to look further into it even though I don’t work for one. I can’t believe it. Outrageous if true.

  7. Didn’t realize that about the life insurance policies – pretty shitty, if you ask me. John’s 30-year employer is not on that list. 8^)

    Jean and I went to the grocery store (Publix) this morning for a few things. The store isn’t in a mall area, so no traffic. And almost nobody in the store. Looks like Black Friday might be a not-so-bad time to go for groceries.

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