Captain’s Log     4,516

It’s a day of thanks.  Every day should be a day of thanks, but hey…..this is the biggie when tons of people get onboard and say heartfelt things.

Here is my list.

I am thankful that my mother never overly-interfered with my life.  She let me fight my own battles.  She let me put on my own bandaids.  I made my own lunch.  She instilled in me a fierce sense of independence that I cherish.   She let me read whatever I wanted to read.  She never pried into my personal life.

I am thankful that I learned to drink water from a hose without fear of germs.

I am grateful that some of my ideas actually took shape.

I am grateful for my family and friends.

I am grateful my father encouraged me to sing and to develop my musical skills.

I am grateful for my sense of humor.

I am grateful that I worked on a tall ship for an entire year.

I am grateful that I comfortable with silence and solitude.

I am grateful for my birds.

I am grateful that I finally released my need to argue and make my point.  Most importantly, I am grateful that I no longer feel compelled to win.

I am grateful for all the beautiful places I have traveled.

I am grateful for the discipline I acquired to turn this online journal into a real body of work.

I am grateful for understanding that my life has meaning.

I am grateful for my flowers that give me so much joy.  And even though lantana is considered a noxious weed in certain parts of the world, I have a large hedge already growing on the side of the house and I planted more in the back.  

Also thankful for Ranger the iPhone who allows me to take such great photos without any effort



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14 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Love your gratitude list, love you, do not love lantana to which I am violently allergic.

  2. And some of us are thankful for you 🙂

  3. Penny Tushingham

    I am grateful that my special friend Poola finally made it to Montana and got to enjoy some of our beauty!

  4. Joanie Benson

    Happy Thanksgiving, Paula. Hope you and Mia have a great day today. I loved your thankful list.

  5. George

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. jo

    How about roomie dogs and child unit? I know you did mean that also- Joanie,

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