Back From LA-LA Land

Captain’s Log  4,515

I had to go to Los Angeles yesterday to visit the big car museum there.  Some people think we should be big and fancy like that.  When the founder’s wife endows you with $38,000,000 dollars (yes, that is THIRTY-EIGHT MILLION), you can be big and fancy.  Sigh.  People get stars in their eyes and look at me to make it happen.  Nobody has donated an entire department store and an endowment like that to us.   So I do what I can with cans of black paints and some new LED lighting.

Most of what they do is better than us, but we do some things better than they do.  It’s the nature of the beast.  Nobody has it all.  Ever.

They did have this car that I want dearly.  I took the photo so fast I don’t even know what it is.  I just want it.

My new Geo-Mobile!  I can see it happening!

They also have a lot of celebrity cars because they are just down the street from where the stars live.  This one belonged to Rita Hayworth.

How sweet is that?  How come famous people have cars given to them all the time?

We buzzed through Beverly Hills.  I looked up the history of that area and learned it was once a lima bean ranch.  It’s changed a bit since then.  I didn’t see any lima bean farmers but I did see a lot of anorexic movie star wanna-be’s running around in skimpy shirts and thigh-high boots.  Those must be quite the trend this year.  Boots with that nice prostitute flare to them.

I wanted to eat at the Farmer’s Market but I was outvoted.

About 40 amazing places to eat in this open-air market.  But nooooooooo!  We had to go to Johnny Rocket’s.  BAH!

It was an all-day trip.  I left my house at 7:30 AM and got home about 6:30 or so.  Eleven hours.  Well over half of that time was spent in the damn car.  I hate Los Angeles.  Why would anyone want to live there?

Short day at the Confederacy today.  One meeting and then I am LEAVING for the holiday weekend.  Technically, we not supposed to have Friday off, but I gave the administrative staff the day off.  The museum will be open but only the admissions people are working – at double time.  I am such a good boss lady.


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8 responses to “Back From LA-LA Land

  1. Driving gets to be more and more of a pain (literally) as you get older, even when going for leisure. Spending half a day in a car for business – worse yet. Glad you survived the trip and are looking forward to a long weekend! I’m on my way to work this morning (voluntary – double time and a half and they’ll almost certainly kick us out a couple of hours in)

  2. Yes, yes, what is it…I want one.

    LA…because if you are in the business, there it is. If you are in the arts, there they are. That’s why. The rest of us live down here or up there. Sensible folks us.

  3. What I wonder is, what are real hookers wearing these days to get trade? Those clothes used to be a signal that a woman was in business…

  4. The only reason I considered Los Angeles was the Dodgers, but they’re not the team they were in 1955. At this stage in my life, I would not choose to live any place where the only way to get from here to there is a car. Even if I had my own personal driver.

    Have a good Thanksgiving anyway. 8)

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