I Can Help You With Your Personality Disorder

Captain’s Log   4,514

Yesterday’s entry certainly was the catalyst for a lot of comments!  Wow!  The stupid woman who insulted my sister might learn a thing or two if she read this journal.  But that will never happen.  I will most likely not get a response back from my email either.

I went out for breakfast and antique shopping with Roomie and our pal, Boop yesterday.  Boop had the best suggestion ever!  We should get business cards made up that say…..

I can help you with your personality disorder – house calls available by appointment

I wonder what Sharon would think of THAT if someone accosted her in the parking lot and offered a house call!


We had a lot of fun looking for sugar bowls and butter dishes.  Boop is a huge fan of jadeite.  Roomie scored a cute sugar bowl and a nice crockery mixing bowl, but Boop was out of luck.  What she wants is hard to find.

Lots of choices online and some of them don’t even cost a small fortune (but most of them do)

We stopped at my favorite place for a mocha something or other.  I had a Snickers mocha.  I know it sounds gross but it was amazing!  I decided to live it up!


I went home and read two books.  Love it when the day affords that kind of pleasure!  The first one was a murder mystery about people disappearing in cornfields (some free Kindle thing that actually held my interest) and the second was Indiana Terri’s manuscript she knocked out for NanoWriMo.  I did not do that project this year even though I said I would.  I am just so intimidated by the whole process.  Terri produced a very fine first draft of a compelling story.  Reading the draft brought me back to the days of creative writing classes in college.  As much as I loved them, I also quaked in fear when it was my turn for the “roaster.”  But that’s the point of allowing other eyes to see it.  When we write, we are way too attached to what we write.  So attached that we don’t see what other people see.  I wrote a show one time that did not go through the right editing process or workshop time.  I realized my many errors once the actors were onstage trying to use the script.   Unfortunately, we were well into the rehearsal process when I finally recognized my errors.  Fixing things half-way into production is a LOT harder than handing them a good script from the beginning.  So now, I have a group of people sit down and read it all out loud so I can hear the words.  Then, we “vet” it for meaning and clarity.  If the actors cannot make sense of it, the audience will certainly have issues.  Sometimes, it’s the smallest correction that brings in the focus that is needed.  Editing is, for me, even harder than writing.

I have a friend who is a very successful writer.  He was shocked the first time his manuscript when to a professional editor for “cleaning.”  He was quite funny.  He called me up and told me they had “butchered” his work.  I laughed.  What they had done was streamline it and firm up the edges.   His story flowed so much better.  His books have been featured as Kindle Deals of the Day.  Good editing has led to his success.   Now if I could only get my butt in gear and try to write something real.  This thing called a JOB is really standing in my way.

I have a meeting tonight with the theatre group that has asked me to direct California Suite.  I am really excited to get back into the creative process with intelligent people.  I have certainly missed that.  I plan on going into rehearsal the first of the year.  The show goes up March 7 & 8.  SOOOO excited!

The newly-planted hibiscus are blooming and the little palm trees are going wild.  They love the cooler weather that allows the soil to stay moist.  Lemon tree is bursting too.  I harvested some thing morning.  There are about 200 more on the tree.  Lemon pie for Thanksgiving?  Why not!  They are smaller Meyer lemons that are round and thin-skinned, and they pack a huge punch of flavor!

Oh!  Be still my heart!  Lemons!

The tree is full of blossoms too.  That means by March, the harvest will be enormous!  For some reason, this little tree prefers March to make her splash.  That is fine.  I love having lemons all winter.  No arguments from me!  I took a small bag with me to Helena and Penny was delighted.  Two weeks ago, only a few were ready to be picked.  Wish everyone lived closer to share the bounty from this amazing little tree.  I never fertilize it or so anything special.  I water it every now and then and the rewards are unending.  Lemons in everything.  Sodas.  Tea.  Hummus.  Fresh salsa.  I wish coffee tasted good with lemon.  I even squeeze fresh lemon into my orange juice.  Eating lemons with salt is also fun.  Once you get through the initial pucker face, it’s smooth sailing.

Off for a short week.  Regular day today, trip to Los Angeles tomorrow, and a short day on Wednesday.  Then, a FOUR-DAY weekend is on the horizon.  No need to go work my extra job either.  Just pure fun with lots of food and friendship. The way life is supposed to be.


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24 responses to “I Can Help You With Your Personality Disorder

  1. George

    Looks like your tree likes you.

  2. I’m just rewriting my deathless prose for an album of our trip. My writing is truly awful stuff. I find that if I don’t write now, I won’t write later. Ditto Painting. Ya wanna take some watercolor classes with me? 🙂

  3. Oh, and I absolutely want that card. What’s more, I know exactly how to make them. Depends on if you want to pay for the card blanks from Wally World. You could make them indeed 😉

  4. Lemon juice is also a natural hair lightener – brush through (watered down of course) in streaks for a real sun-kissed look.

    You’re so lucky to have as much time off as you do. The one GOOD thing about the Confederacy. That’s a lot of vacation time.

    • poolagirl

      It really isn’t a lot of time. Three weeks a year after five years of employment. I rarely took time off the first six years I was there, so I have time on the books.

  5. Linda

    All I can say, is that lemons are my favorite scent in the world. I could sniff a lemon all day. Does that make me weird? Probably.

  6. I still remember some excellent advice from a writing professor when I was a callow know-all 18 year old studying English at university: “Kill off your babies!”

    She was, of course, paraphrasing Faulkner, who advised writers to “kill your darlings”.

    Faulkner was, of course, paraphrasing someone else (name forgotten in haze of old age memory loss), who advised writers to “murder your darlings”.

    Now, I know you know very well what this means, poola, so I won’t labour the point.

    BUT — years later, when I married a rancher, some of the best advice I heard from ’round the traps was, “Don’t fall in love with your cattle!” — which, of course, always reminds me of the babies quote. When you pour so much effort into breeding and bloodlines, you can lose objectivity about an animal’s appearance and conformation, and you fail to see what others see in it — and you fail to meet your market.

    So maybe writing and cows have more in common than we realise.

    The end.

  7. miss boop

    when life hands you lemons, give them to your friend boop!! she will make you lemon curd!!! yum.

  8. Miss Boop

    Trying this comment

  9. Methinks you should make up those business cards and just put them on windshields of cars that take up more than their share or space….and send one to that woman a few weeks from now
    Thanks for mentioning my manuscript. I have changed it immensely so if you the second version, let me. know.

  10. Penny Tushingham

    I love the lemons you bought. Down to my last two so I will have to cherish them.
    PEn PEn

  11. Joanie Benson

    Love the idea for the personality disorder cards. They would come in very handy when I’m in the Express line at the grocery store and the bitch in front on me is loading her 92 items on the belt and sorting her coupons. Whaaaat?

  12. Lemons are also good for dry elbows! You slice the lemon in half and stick your elbows unit! I also use lemon juice to bleach out a stain by pouring it on the garment and letting the garment sit in the sun for a few hours!

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