Unsolicited Advice Bombs Again – As Always

Captain’s Log  4,513

It’s all in the approach.  Everything in life is all about the approach.  Airline pilots would agree.  A Cooper’s hawk made a fine approach in my back yard this morning and grabbed a mouse that was nibbling on bird seed.  Right before my very eyes.  Ideas and suggestions also need a careful approach because they can really go astray if not delivered properly.  There are times when they should never be delivered at all.

Case in point – yesterday’s trip to the bank with Big Sister Mia in tow to add her as an authorized visitor to my safe deposit box.  It’s a huge production to do that and we allowed about 45 minutes of our adventure time.  It’s a very small branch of the bank located in a shopping center near my house.  I picked her up and off we went.  I have access to her bank box and she now has access to mine.  It’s another way we bond.  If either one of us loses the key, it’s gonna cost me $20, but I trust her.  And she obviously trusts me, but that’s not the point of this story.  

As we got out of the car to enter the bank, a very attractive woman was coming out of a shoe repair store.  Big Sister Mia had already opened the door of the bank and was heading inside.  As I rounded my car to join Mia, the woman stopped me and asked if Mia was my sister.  I said yes, and she handed me two business cards to give to Mia.  She said, “I make house calls.  There is no obligation.  Tell her that.”  At that point, I had no idea what was really going on.  I looked at her and said, “Is one of these cards for me?”  She said, “No, you’re fine.”  And she hopped into her car and that was it.

I looked down at the cards and realized she was a beauty consultant.  She obviously thinks my sister needs her services (done in the privacy of her own home) to make her beautiful.  Well, you can imagine how well that went over with Mia!  The banker who was helping us was also a woman, so the three of us had great sport trouncing the rudeness of the woman in the parking lot.  How DARE she?  What a horrible and rude thing to do! 

I took a card and went home and dug around on the woman’s website.  I got an email address and sent her the following:


You stopped me as I was going into a Union Bank this morning in Mission Valley and asked me to give your business card to my sister.  I gave her the card when we entered the bank, and I want you to know she was completely and totally insulted.  I know you meant well, but your offer to make my sister beautiful was not taken graciously.  She assumed you thought she needed help and there is something wrong with the way she looks.  
I know nothing can be done to make what happened better, but I only want you to be aware of how your approach completely backfired this morning.  You might want to re-think how you make your initial suggestions.  That is all.
I have not heard a thing back.  I doubt if I will.  But she needed to know.  Don’t you think?  You can’t go around handing out business cards to people like that!   
And that’s all I have to say right now.  I will let you know if Sharon answers my email.



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36 responses to “Unsolicited Advice Bombs Again – As Always

  1. That woman may be gorgeous on the outside, but inside I’m gonna assume her organs are the ugliest organs we could ever find. What an ugly, ugly, ugly, stupid, stupid, stupid bitch! Mia is adorable! Mia needs nothing from someone that dumb!

  2. Actually I think your e-mail to that rude woman was too nice. How dare she say such a thing?…..and she must have thought she would be put in her place if she approached Mia face to face.

  3. Edie

    She should call the woman and send her to a fake address….

  4. I guess what fascinates me is how did she think you were going to react? “Hey, Mia, that lady days you need beauty advice, but I’m ok”? That was so rude and downright mean!!! Mia, you’re lovely, inside and out!!

  5. Jean

    Could u imagine if we did that…..By the way sir, ur color is not good….Here is my card, give it to a family member and have them call when its time…

  6. annanotbob

    LIVID! How dare these people! Me and my pal Maria were talking the other day about how sick we are of the assumption that we want to look young, that being and looking old is something to fear, dread, feel shame about. Out of respect for your other readers I am moderating my language, but honestly, f**** f**** w******. I want to start something celebrating being how we are – older, wiser, hairier, wrinklier and with breats that are low and comfortable, Big up the crones!

  7. farm girl

    Time to close my dropped jaw! Oh for goodness sake! Is there no end to rudeness these days? It appears 2 beautiful women cannot go out and about without someone wanting to mess with perfection! I admire your restraint in not showing a copy of her “card” on here. Don’t know if I would have been so kind!! Very restrained and well thought out email. Let’s just see if there is an ounce of class to her.

  8. Not sure what the business card said, but I always thought Mia Farrow was a lovely woman.

  9. If she has any sense, she won’t answer. Silly woman. I had a bad experience of similar type yesterday. My letter is on my blog.. Grrrr….to stupidity. Your sister looks just like Mia. 🙂

  10. Joanie Bensoni

    OMG. By the way, how beautiful was the beauty consultant??? On the outside, I mean.

  11. Obviously she never learned Rule 1 of the beauty business. Anyone that self-centered will probably figure your comment was ill-advised.

    It’s one of the axions of the world: People who never experienced anything (and that includes being insulted) nevertheless believe they know everything.

  12. Penny Tushingham

    Well, at least you know of Bison and Elk in Yellowstone think everyone is beautiful. They don’t pass out cards!

    Pen Pen

  13. bholles

    I still cant believe she did that. Good thing I didnt hear her or I would have told her off.

  14. Good grief. Ugly chicks are soooo touchy these days!

  15. What a hoot! Like you, I wonder how your critique of her business-finding method goes over.

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