Threads of Happiness

Captain’s Log   4,508

I was in Yellowstone a week ago.  Actually, I was eating breakfast at this amazing place – Chico Hot Springs.  We spent the night in a log cottage and ate the most amazing food in the dining room.  It’s about 30 miles from Yellowstone.  Cannot wait to go back!

Our “house” looked a bit like this – but it was more remote and off to the side.

It doesn’t seem fair that a week ago I was sitting in the car watching bison run by the windows……and now I am back to writing grants and trying to make people happy happy happy.   I want to go back!  Penny and I talked about another trip for next year.  Either Glacier National Park or……we would drive across Montana to the Black Hills.   YAY!  Another trip into the wilderness!  YAY!  Just call us Lewis and Clark.

The bison were amazing.  Here they are taking full control of the roadway in front of us.  Taken just a week ago.

Trust me, you DO let them have their own way.  They are wild animals and should not be messed with.  Ever!

Penny has four great dogs who bring so much joy into her life.  Yazzy, the blonde bombshell, was very attached to me for some reason.  She likes to talk and was always trying to tell me something.  She has a truly charming habit of lifting her foot when she “talks.”  Penny has no idea where that came from, but it is delightful.  Here is Yazzy talking to me on the back deck.  The grass is green in the video.  The grass is covered with more than a foot of snow now.


I have to go to Los Angeles next Tuesday for an all-day trip to the Petersen Museum.  I am not excited but it’s something I must do.  I am already dreading it.  That is not a good sign.

I have a short day at the museum today.  Historic Highway 80 has a booth at a Veteran’s Day event in El Cajon, and I am staffing the booth from 3:00 – 6:00.  I am SOOOO looking forward to it!  Being out in the fresh air with people.  Most days I go into the museum and don’t emerge for 9 hours or so.  I know I should get out at least for lunch but there is always so much to do.   GAAAAAAAAA!

I have accepted a job directing The Clairemont Act One theatre troupe’s production of Neil Simon’s California Suite.  We are scheduled to run March 8th & 9th.  Very excited about this!  There isn’t any money involved, but at least I am going to be doing something heartfelt and wonderful.  8 actors and a full tech crew.  Plus, we might be doing it in a real theatre space at a community college!  Be still my heart!  It’s these threads of happiness that keep me going right now.    Trips, good people, talking dogs, artistic projects……I need them all.


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18 responses to “Threads of Happiness

  1. susanna

    You are so right about the joys of life. I am delighted to hear about the directorial job. Awesome fun for you and ti’s time you returned to the theater!!

  2. hissandtell

    Oh, poola — just reading this has set my heart all fluttery and achy, needing to hit the road for another road trip RIGHT NOW to the mountains and the snow and the southern ocean. (And sadly, we’re about two weeks before Summer here…not exactly the best time to go looking for snow…) I mean, I’m mad about my husband, my pets, my house and my things, and I hate leaving them — but there is absolutely nothing in the whole world for me like jumping in the car with a GF and road tripping our way through national parks, and eating road food, and doing road things. Now I’ll spend the whole day plotting my next escape! x

  3. goatbarnwitch

    What breed dog is Yazzy? She reminds me of my Dixie Lou. Happy travels no matter where you go but I hope adventure always finds you with joy

  4. Can we attend. What fun. Bring your reader when you go and ignore politics….did I say that. Hugs.

  5. I am sooooo jealous! Pen Pen and Poolie….Did you do a conversation in the bathroom with her too?

  6. Yesterday’s nature moment on CBS Sunday Morning showed the bears at Glacier National Park. They did not see the cameraman, but one of them seemed to see something, as he stood up and looked into the distance.

    They were fun. I thought of you.

  7. Patty O'Reilly

    Had to laugh. My experience at Chico Hot Springs was VERY different. They put us in the Honeymoon Cabin atop the hill. It was new and large with two rooms. One was a living room/bedroom and the other was a bathroom/kitchen. A bit odd, that. The front door didn’t lock and the curtains in the bed/liv did not meet in the center. In the kit/bath there were no curtains AT ALL. A little freaky. And the food? Uh…nope. I ordered duck and it tasted like liver; obviously it was a pen-raised bird that had been fed liver pellets all it’s life. It was inedible. My companion’s meal was so overcooked that it was also inedible. But the wine was terrific. We won’t be going back anytime soon…just chalked it up to adventure and moved on…

  8. Penny Tushingham

    First there was Lewis & Clark, then Thelma & Louise, watch out America, it’s the Pen Pen and Poola show coming next.
    Yes, it’s hard to believe we were in Yellowstone last Monday. Seems like a few weeks ago already!
    Didn’t have a super yummy breakfast either this morning. Miss the food at Chico!
    Pen PEn

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