Back in One Piece

Captain’s Log    4,507

Home again.  I got a few calls about massive troubles at the Confederacy that I must face first thing this morning.  I cannot even go away for four damn days without the doors falling off the hinges and egos inflating to the size of Jupiter.  Maybe I just have too much faith in people to do the right thing – to choose the honorable path of decency.   I want to walk in there today about as much as I would like to have my teeth drilled without anesthesia.  Even though it says Thursday on the calendar, it’s a Monday – a double bad Monday because I was in Montana and Wyoming having such a wonderful time.  It almost feels like the universe is saying, “Have a ton of fun like that and I will smack you down!”  It’s not fair.  

I know I am griping, and that’s fine.  Yammering on every now and then is healthy. 

The trip home yesterday was interesting.  When I read my boarding pass on Tuesday, it clearly stated that my connecting flight out of Salt Lake City would be boarding BEFORE my plane even landed.  Since the little jet to Salt Lake City lands in at the farthest end of the terminal, the chances of running fast enough and making it to the connecting flight were…..maybe 50/50.  I was going Zen on the plane and hoping for the best.  Turns out the first flight landed 10 minutes early and the connecting flight was delayed by 10 minutes.  I got to the gate just as the pre-boarding started.  I checked the restroom to see if I might be able to take a comfort stop, but the line was out the door.  So, I smiled at the luck of actually getting there on time and hoped my bladder would be okay for the 90 minute flight.

The guy sitting next to me refused to turn off his cell phone.  That was fun.  The flight attendant asked him nicely and then she came around and saw him playing some sort of game AGAIN.  She asked not so nicely the second time.  He pretended to shut it down.  He had an iPhone and merely hit the button that turns the screen blank.  The phone was NOT turned off.  And so it went with him as he crammed himself into the middle seat with WAY too much carry-on luggage.  There was no way I was going to ask him to let me out to pee, so I worked on my Zen and read a Ken Follett book on Kindle.

Great book about the rise of Nazism and World War II

About 20 minutes into the flight, the head attendant got on the radio and called for all EMT’s, nurses, or doctors onboard to please go to the rear of the plane.  Medical emergency.  The lady in my row (on the aisle next to iPhone Man) hopped up and headed back.  As did at least five other people.  From all appearances, a woman in the back of the plane had some sort of cardiac “episode.”  Whatever that means.  The nurse returned and said everything would be fine.  Good news.  

That whole episode delayed the beverage service.  So the flight attendants went into turbo mode.  Hurry up!  Drink!  Now!  The damn plane is landing!  

So, the plane began its descent.  I was looking out the window as we flew over Balboa Park.  By the time the planes fly over the park, they are not that high.  All of a sudden, the plane shot right back up into the air – and fast!  ZOOM back into the sky!  We were all slammed back into the seats.  WHEEE!  As we climbed high into the sky again, the pilot informed us that there had been a plane on the runway when we tried to land.  Now, I am not a genius, but don’t you think someone could have mentioned that to the pilot BEFORE he almost landed our plane?  Holy crap!  How close do you have to come to an accident like that before it’s called a CLOSE ONE?

By the time we landed, we were all a bit shaken up.  Even iPhone Man looked a bit grey around the gills.  I can only imagine what that did to the woman who had the cardiac incident earlier.   I will never know because a medical team was there to take her off the plane once we all got off.

Naturally, the gate was as far away from civilization as possible, so there was another long walk.  I was pleased to see that my luggage made it onto the connecting flight.  What I was NOT pleased to see was that Delta baggage guys busted one of the wheels.   I tried to pull it and it sort of limped and bobbled.  Yup.  Broken wheel.  But you know, that’s a lot less bother than crash landing on the runway or having a cardiac incident in the skies.  

As luck would have it, there is a luggage repair shop just down the hill from where I live.  I will stop by and see how much it will cost to replace my wheels.  It will most certainly be less than buying a whole new case.  Plus, Obama has been re-elected.  I am lucky after all,

Roomie’s child unit took care of the gardening while I was gone, and everything is in fine form.  The birds are happy too.  The plumber had to come while I was gone, but even that was a simple fix that did not require digging up the yard.  

Montana is battening their hatches for a massive winter storm that rolls in later today.  Lots of snow, high winds, and temperatures below zero.  A huge part of me wishes I was still there to experience that again.  But duties here have called me back.  But I got back.  Safe and in one piece – and relatively on time.  And like I said, Obama is our president.  


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6 responses to “Back in One Piece

  1. I’m sorry the Confederacy has become so ridiculously demanding of your life. I know for a fact you’re nearing retirement. Sucks to be whoever replaces you.

    Hurrah for surviving the return flights, and I have to agree with you – perhaps not your best flying experiences, but could have been SO much worse!

  2. Yes,I hate to see planes do that. Naw, the fun gods just want you to have fun. Just say this mantra. It’s november, it’s november…..LOL

  3. Penny Tushingham

    It’s 11:30 am. Snow started about 8:30 and I already have about 4″. Yes it’s pretty but it would have made flying back today not so much fun!

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