Yellowstone Photo Essay

Captain’s Log    4,505

It’s photo intensive day!  YAY!  We spent another day in the park – going a different direction this time.  We had hoped to see wolves and bear, but alas… wolves or bears.  BUT…..we did get more than our fair share of bison and elk.  As seen below:

Traffic stops for these big guys!

How close were we?  About this close.

We were surrounded!

This big boy had an itch.  BIG boy, if you get my drift!

Taken near Old Faithful on Sunday.  Lots of geysers!  Lots of bison!

Good shot for a modeling portfolio, eh?

Majestic elk.  He wouldn’t raise his head for anything!

They run in herds.  They do everything in herds.

Sweet little elk hiding in the brush

An area of the world so lush with life

And so vulnerable to the forces of nature

Icebox Canyon – where the small waterfalls through the moss have already frozen on the hillside.

And I owe this amazing experience to my great friend, Penny.

Many more photos and stories to come.  But for now, I need to do some work for the museum and then spend the rest of the day watching election returns.


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30 responses to “Yellowstone Photo Essay

  1. hissandtell

    Poola, I’m green with envy. Chartreuse, even. Or possibly absinthe. My, what an adventure you two are having! But you be careful out there. Do you remember the Sylvia Plath short story “The Fifty-Ninth Bear”? It kind of put me off Yellowstone forever, I tells ya… x

    • poolagirl

      We didn’t see even one bear! I so wanted to see one. Not a wolf or a moose either, but it was still thrilling to have bison a foot away from the car!

  2. Linda aka Swabbhy

    The pictures are beautiful. When we went to Yellowstone we only saw elk so you did better than we did. The drive through Teton Park along Jenny Lake is breathtaking. Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos.

  3. Sorry for the asides, Poolie. I can never resist a good swipe on a bad day, lol. Glad you’re enjoying Montana, just sorry the Confederacy must interfere with your peace.

  4. Ter

    A friend of mine is on a job assignment right now in Wyoming and sent us a postcard from Yellowstone with an elk on it! Loved your pix too!

  5. susanna

    It is the best feeling to see wild herds of animals. Thanks for the pictures and I bet you cleaned all the car exhaust from SD out your lungs with all that fresh air.

  6. Glad you had such a good time in Yellowstone. It is one of the truly amazing places on the planet.

  7. I’ve never been there and really want to go. Sorry no notes from me, but I have been missing in action. Have a computer again so am catching up. Are you still there?

    • poolagirl

      I am back in Helena. Doing some writing for the Confederacy (because the damn Nazi thing pulled me off-task last week). Will fly home tomorrow.

  8. Joanie Benson

    Great Photos! Nuff said.

  9. It’s a fabulous place – one of our favorites! Remember you’re standing in the middle of the caldera of a volcano. Scary, isn’t it!

    We won’t watch much of the election returns, but what we do will probably be on Comedy Central. 8^)

  10. Fabulous pics! Thanks for sharing x

  11. When we took seventh grade geography, we were required to mark a blank map of the U.S. (only 48 states) with places we’d like to visit. I never got there, and I thank you for the photos. Personal pictures are always better than the ones you can buy.

  12. I don’t get your drift. I mean…looks like any of the guys in my family.

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