Helena/Yellowstone Day Three

Captain’s Log  4,503

It was a day for Yellowstone!  OMG!  Talk about amazing!  Penny planned everything so well.  We even had access to the entire park.  Most roads will close tomorrow morning.  With Penny driving and me trying to be Miss Eagle Eye, we managed to see so many things.  We saw elk, buffalo, and big horn sheep.  we also thought the guy behind us in the white truck might have been a serial killer.   Photo essay here.

The famous archway into Yellowstone Park.  Talk about majestic!

Got video of Old Faithful spewing boiling water and steam.  Was also in love with this bench that sits in front of the coffee shop.  Nice use of old skis.

We saw this elk herd just walking down the street as we exited the park.  Amazing!  Video too for later.

Library in the cool old lodge where we are spending the night.  We actually have our own 2-bedroom log house!

We ate our picnic lunch here!  Hoped to see bears.  No bears. 

Camping in the Chevy Tahoe.  It works.  Penny chowed down and I was the “cook”…….. which means I cut the cheese and set out the crackers.  And I don’t mean I farted.  Thank you very much.

Snow at the higher elevations.  I had a grand time!

More tomorrow!


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8 responses to “Helena/Yellowstone Day Three

  1. susanna

    I am enjoying your trip. I got a little cold reading this entry, brrrr.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    thanks for sharing your adventures!

  3. The first time I traveled to Yellowstone back when I was a teenager ~ we pitched a tent and it was so cold at night. We had a bear come to the campsite ~ and we were askeered! Been back to visit with husband and son ~ once after a fire the season before. It was devastating to see the destruction but so wonderful to see the new plants and trees coming back again. I am so happy you are enjoying it so much ~ sounds like everything is going to well. Makes me smile to think of you taking it all in. Any geocaching in the plans? My favorites were Old Faithful and some of the beautiful hot pools of water…..

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