Helena Day Two

Captain’s Log  4,502

We leave for Yellowstone in about 90 minutes, so I don’t have a lot of time here for details or photos.  Just the salient points.

After coffee and running around playing with four dogs in the yard, it was time to head out for fun.  The first stop was the bird supply store.  It has a lot more than bird supplies.  It’s also an art gallery.  Then, we hit the bakery for treats and some bread for today’s adventures.  The treats did not last long at all.  Some sort of cinnamon bread thing and two enormous chocolate cookies dusted with powdered sugar were simply too much to resist.  Who could resist?  We also went to the Parrot Ice Cream & Confectionary for milk shakes.  We sat at the old fashioned counter and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  I bought some candy and caramel corn for the Yellowstone trip.  When she told me the caramel corn was $11 a bag, I blanched.  Decided on a caramel corn popcorn ball instead for $5.  One piece of coconut brittle was $4.  But hey, you only live once.

Real milkshakes in real milkshake glasses!

We spent a lot of time at the Montana Historical Society.  I took quite a few photos there.  The big draw is the sacred white buffalo named Big Medicine.  A white buffalo is sacred to the native people.  Big Medicine was not a true albino buffalo, but he came close.  The dark band around his head is real hair – he is not wearing a bison headband horn thing.

Big Medicine – looking worn after being “stuffed” and left to stand in a display for years.

Then it was off to the annual arts and crafts festival!  I saw some really great things and picked up some nice gifts for Big Sister Mia, Roomie, her child unit, and Penny.  I bought something for myself too (which is rare). 

One of the highlights of yesterday was going to the Grandstreet Theater to see Sugar Bean Sisters.  Wow!  How fun!  The theatre is housed in an old church, and the entire experience was charming! 

Grandstreet Theater

The show was amazingly good fun.  In a nutshell, it’s about swamps, reunion, fire in the hole, buried fortunes, aliens, snake handling fortune tellers, Mormonism, angels of death, and karma.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  This is a production shot from a different group, but you get the idea.


Best line in the show –  “I’m so angry it makes my ass want to chew tobacco.”  And the sisters became Mormons because the Jehovah Witnesses arrived too late.  I almost fell out of my seat!  Well done!


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14 responses to “Helena Day Two

  1. susanna

    What fun!! The play sounds adorable. I will pass on those two lines, they are hilarious.

  2. I’m so glad you’re having fun. You go through so much grief at work it’s about time you catch a genuine break!!!

  3. You are having way too much fun…but I am so glad. It sounds perfect, odd theater,Karamel Korn, strange foods, Karamel Korn, white buffalo with dark hair headband, Karamel Korn, 4 dogs. (How did one person find four of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen,) omelet in a bag, and did I mention Karamel Korn? and BYW, it is called Karamel Korn in our town….. You may never go home again. But we would be willing to visit….

  4. Linda aka Swabbhy

    What a fabulous day!!! I envy you. I still keep thinking about your flight from Salt Lake. How fun to be surrounded by smelly killers. It is a good thing you didnt pull out your Obama badge, they probably would have thrown you off the plane. Have lots of fun this trip.

  5. Joanie Benson

    Oh, I can tell I’m going to hear THAT line more than a few times! LOL

  6. Keep an eye on your pic-a-nic basket!!!

  7. mia

    Oh yeah presents. Probably have to wait till Christmas.

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