A Friendly Gesture?

Captain’s Log  4,500

It’s 1:30 in the morning and there is no sleep for me.  I am too keyed up to sleep.  I had a very rough day dealing with some incredible crap at the Confederacy.  

When Mr. Nazi Pants was confronted with the incident, he blamed one of the museum staff – tried to throw the staff person under the bus.  So I called in witnesses.  He still stuck to his story.  When I asked if he thought his reaction to what the staff member supposedly encouraged, he explained that a Nazi salute is nothing more than a friendly gesture.

So….I asked everyone to leave the office and I drafted his termination letter.  Sent it certified mail.  We need paper trails when we do things like this.

A friendly gesture?

I would like to show him a friendly gesture.   People think museums are warm and fuzzy places that are easy to manage.  WRONG!  There are asshats who show up there too.  Sometimes, I think certain people view the museum the same way they view church – a haven for the walking wounded.  GAAAA!

So…after the terse letter was written and sent, I headed out to Joanie’s spa.  I was in the chair almost three hours.  It was GREAT!  I just let her do whatever she wanted to do.  Color, highlights, cut.  Cute and sassy.

I leave for the airport in three hours.  Not sure if it makes sense to try to sleep now.  I might try.  I am completely packed and ready to hit the road!


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16 responses to “A Friendly Gesture?

  1. I can’t believe that, once again, I got so far behind in reading blogs. Once we arrived here in Florida, it was busyness to the max. We had no electricity at first (park problem ~ not ours…Thank goodness) Now trying to get groceries and things put away or found as the case may be….Tomorrow will be more cleaning up….had a bit of mildew this time around and want to get it all cleaned up quickly…..My tv committed suicide tonight so we will be finding another tomorrow.
    Hope Montana is joyful and full of pleasures…

  2. purplygems

    get on that plane, take a deep breath, and think of all the fun you are going to have!!!! dont forget to bring me back a tall gentlemanly cowboy…..with a black cowboy hat, chaps, spurs….oh, uh sorry…oops, got a little carried away….its not that kind of blog…..hee hee.

  3. George

    Friendly gesture indeed!

  4. Sleep on the plane…..I’m waving at you right now, and you will be taking off over my house just as I get home from the pool. Don’t let that unprintable fool fill any space in your “vacation brain .” Have a ball. 🙂

  5. Thinking only of mountains and scenery!!!

  6. Edie

    Hope you have a great time…you deserve it…

  7. Have an absolutely wonderful time! May you be able to put the Nazi out of your thoughts.

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