Happy Ham-o-Ween

Captain’s Log    4,498

It’s the big day!  Have a good one!

And remember, if the pumpkins and the ghosts don’t scare you into a wide-eyed fear, an enormous hunk of ham steak might.

Thanks, Mia!


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13 responses to “Happy Ham-o-Ween

  1. Charlotte Bolinger

    LOVED your Halloween Full Moon Pumpkin – creativity in action.

  2. Wow, I can’t take my eyes off the fancy garnishments! Also, who’s the bigger HAM in that picture? lol! Hi Mia Farrow!!

  3. Yay for travel! And yay for sisters with saucerous eyes and a hankerin’ for a slab ‘o pig meat, lol. I like ham once in a while – fixed just so – and then I’m good and done with it for a long time after. But I would so love to travel with you.

    Except for the whole, um, can’t walk worth s**t thing anyway. Really gotta get me some personal wheels.

  4. Maryz

    Love those thick ham steaks. Can’t wait to hear about Montana in the snow!

  5. She’s not really going to eat that, is she? OMG!

    When do you leave. Came we help.

  6. mia

    Love that ham. Lasted me for a week.

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