More Plants Make a Garden Grow

Captain’s Log  4,497

I cannot help myself.  I just can’t.  I went to the store and bought more plants.  I have become a planting fool!  I bought two more hibiscus (one not opened so I have no idea what color it might be).  I got some weird little asparagus ferns that will turn into larger weird asparagus ferns.  I got some lantana too.  But….the most interesting plant is called a kangaroo paw.

Really cool, isn’t it?  It can take direct sun so it will do well in the front yard.

Pale pink hibiscus.  The other one is unopened.  I like surprises – but only when it comes to flowers.

Spiky asparagus ferns.  They look like horns.

Lantana – to replace one of the rose bushes the gardener killed last year

The gardener was quite a character.  I think he was drunk or high most of the time.  I never knew what to expect when he was finished.  He killed four rosebushes (I replaced two) and he cut the lawn down to dirt in the backyard.  When he was in a trimming mode, the living plants did not stand a chance.  He was ruthless.  I managed to nurse the rose bushes in the front yard back to health, but when you cut them about 4″ above the soil line, it’s pretty difficult.

He hasn’t been here since June and I have managed to keep up with the trimming and the edging.  I am guessing the former owners of the property fired him.  Either that or he just stopped showing up.   Once the lawn is repaired in a few more months, I am planning to get a small electric mower to keep it nicely cut.  If all of this gets too much for me to handle, I will contract with a service to do the “big” work.  Gardens get very large very quickly here in San Diego because our growing season is the entire year.  

The trip to Montana is just a few more days away!  The flight leaves at 6:15 in the morning, and I get into Helena just after noon.  Hooray!  That’s almost an entire day left to play!  I am used to taking long plane trips that eat up an entire day of travel, so this is a nice change of pace.  I plan to check my bag (in spite of the damn fee) because I really don’t want to drag my bag around with me for two hours while I explore the Salt Lake City airport waiting for the connecting puddle jumper flight.

I asked Penny about winter boots, and she said hiking boots should be fine.  If I need something more, we can stop at Walmart and get some cheap little boy boots to wear for the trip to Yellowstone.  Fortunately, I can fit into cheap little boy boots, and that has been a godsend more than once.  Winter boots you wear to Yellowstone are not about style.  I just hope if I have to get little boy boots they don’t have Power Rangers emblazoned on the side.

Sandy is certainly pounding the snot out of the east coast.  I have not seen any Facebook posts from my cousin in New Jersey for about 16 hours now, so I am guessing they finally lost power.  My radio announcer pal in New York is stranded in the city and said it will be at least 2-3 more days before he can even attempt to go home.  He lives in New Jersey and has no idea what has happened to his house there.  I watched the news on TV and then again online for a long time last night.  The whole thing is just amazing.  I also feel very badly for the captain and crew member of the HMS Bounty.  We used to hear about that happening in the 1800’s, but not today.  So sad.  One of my pals from the Star of India had sailed on that ship and had served under Captain Walbridge.  He is devastated at the probable loss of his friend.

I have to go to a fancy luncheon today in the park.  Almost $100 for two of us to eat crappy food and listen to a boring speaker – but it’s one of those things that simply must be done.  A political necessity.  I hate that.  Not a fun part of my job.  Some people really like it.  I abhor it.  But at least I am not battling a hurricane.  I am counting my blessings for that.


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10 responses to “More Plants Make a Garden Grow

  1. susanna

    I’m riding Old Paint and I’m leading old Dan. I crossed the Snake River and I’m bound for Montan…a. Well it almost rhymed. Have a great time in that beautiful state!!

  2. Oh, you funny Americans. Lantana is awfully pretty, but I bet you didn’t know it’s a declared noxious weed here in Oz! We spend gazilions of dollars each year trying to get rid of the dreadful stuff, which is both mightily invasive and toxic, and thus a massive threat to native flora and fauna as well as grazing and domestic animals . So you just be sure you don’t accidentally lick it — or worse, poola! x

    • poolagirl

      Oh no! A noxious weed? I guess I won’t be making any tea with those leaves! It’s already growing on the side of the house. In fact, it grows all over as hedges here in San Diego. And to think I paid $5 for a bucket of poisonous weeds! I wonder if I can go plant it in someone’s yard – someone I don’t like very much.

  3. Your plants look lovely – and I bet so does your yard. Sounds like you’re enjoying the heck out of the gardening job.

    I did see Gina posted today that they were cold and a bit soggy, but safe. Not sure beyond that.

  4. Joanie Benson

    I didn’t know those little colorful flowers were called Lantana. When I was 5 years old, our neighbor had tons of them in front of his house and I thought they were so pretty I and used to pick some to take home to my Mom. I have always, from then on, thought of that neighbor every time I see them. Mr. Jacobs. I even remember how they smell, even though I don’t think I’ve smelled one since then. Funny how the brain works.

  5. We are counting the days for you too. This is going to be so much fun. 🙂 I have travel envy….me, did I say that? LOL

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