I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Flamingos!

Captain’s Log  4,495

Yesterday was Free Day at SeaWorld.  I would never dream of paying $78 to go to SeaWorld, but since the tickets were free (thanks to the largess of Roomie’s employer), I tagged along.

I don’t like SeaWorld.  It makes me sad to see creatures of the sea confined to tanks.  They don’t belong in tanks.  As hard as they work to make it a natural environment, it’s still a giant tank.  And now that Budweiser owns the park, there is beer everywhere.  Sea life in tanks and too much beer.  Add 10,000 kids in strollers and you have SeaWorld on a Saturday.  But, it was free so I tagged along.  I am trying to assuage my guilt somehow.

Even the flamingo pond made me sad.  The poor birds were trying so hard to fly away and they cannot.  Don’t get me started on the penguins who live in…..San Diego.


They stink.  But then again, I would stink too if I had to live in the same pond for years.

The highlight of the day was finding Shamu ice cream made by Wells Blue Bunny.

Quite delicious, orca-shaped ice cream treat

We left the madness of SeaWorld and headed off to see Argo.  Great film!  I remember those days – but I didn’t know the back story at all.  Ben Affleck does an amazing job.

Off to spend the day with Big Sister Mia.  


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20 responses to “I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Flamingos!

  1. susanna

    Add me to the list of folks that does not attend Sea World. It was painful to see one small pool with way too many dolphins going round and round endlessly. They are way too intelligent, far ranging and joyful (in the ocean) to be subjected to such monotony. If I go it will be to join the animal rights groups that protest outside!

  2. I just read Death at Seaworld a couple months ago. Disgusting, repulsive, CRIMINAL situation, but terrific book:


  3. I hate zoos and cages, too. xo

  4. Yep, they’re definitely running late for the 12:45 Mass.

  5. We missed the opening. You made a small prepaid proffit off of us. Yeah, I wanted to see argo and himself wanted to see the other. I’m now off movies where everyone dies and dies and dies.

  6. I have only been to Sea World once, about thirty-five years ago. I was taking care of a new baby, tooling through with a stroller. I was so tired it was a blur even then.

    The creatures incarcerated there were effectively kidnapped and held without ransom, along with all their descendants. Wrong doesn’t even scratch the surface.

  7. Maryz

    Flamingos flock to our house … As you’ll see when you get here.

    We’ve been to Antarctica and been around penguins and rookeries in the wild. Trust me, they stink there, too. The smell will all but knock you down. Just the way it is. Not that I’m a great fan of captive animals, etc.

  8. Twenty-five years ago I was feeding the seals at Sea World. I ran out of food. The seal got mad and splashed me. Then I stank too.

    I saw this and thought of you:
    I’m the other one

  9. purplygems

    i was at sea world too. left shortly after we arrived. i dont think i wuold go back.

  10. Sounds very noisy in Flamingo church…must be all that “Bless you” and “Amen to that” going on.
    I’ve heard great things about ARGO….another one to add to our Netflix listing.

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