Inner Peas

Captain’s Log   4,493

Wheee!  I made it!

I made it.  Now what?

As things continue to unfold in my life, I find myself being nudged in a direction I never thought I could handle.  Writing.  I needed to prove that I actually might have what it takes.   500,000 visitors has done that.   Piece by piece, I have accumulated a sizable chunk of work here.  Some of it may even have some merit.  I don’t sit down here every day to write things of merit – I just write.

NaNoWriMo is just around the corner.  I’ve been giving that some thought too.  I did it once and I swore I would never do it again.  I feel differently now.  But I need to start early if it’s going to actually happen.  Being in Montana for five days will punch a significant hole in the time needed, and there is no way in hell I am going to try to write a book when I am with Penny!  No way!  The Montana trip is purely for fun and adventure.  So….  I am starting NaNoWriMo tonight.  I have decided to take the easy way out and beef up Skeptical Eve.  It will be good practice.  She is smutty.  Smut is fun.  I went back a read some of the entries, and I can work with them.  I realize I should have written more regularly.  In one entry I have Eve’s mother dying from an encounter with a giant squid.  The next entry has her dying from an encounter with a giant crocodile.  Maybe I can just refer to her death with innumerable encounters with various creatures of the deep.  Who cares?  It’s NaNoWriMo and I can do whatever I want.

So what is NaNoWriMo?  It’s National Novel Writing Month.  It’s an exercise where you just write and write without editing to see if you can knock out 50,000 words in a month.  None of it makes sense.  It’s not supposed to make sense.  It’s designed to get your writing muscles moving.  It’s like a marathon for your creative juices.  They call it thirty days and thirty nights of literary abandon!  Sometimes, good things come of it.  Some people actually work on their manuscripts and get them published.  Like THESE PEOPLE.  

So that’s my plan for now.  I plan to stock up on some good snacks from Trader Joe’s and get busy.  My faves for now are Inner Peas.  Get it?   I want to contemplate them – or perhaps have them meet an untimely death at the jaws of a crocodile or the gaping maw of a giant squid.

Better than whirled peas

I really like peas.  Real peas.  I had pea chutney when I was in Chicago.  It sounded totally gross but it was very, very good.  I think they whirled them to make the chutney.  Or maybe they put them in a barrel and stomped on them.  My favorite peas of all are the sweet baby peas.

The Cadillac of canned peas

So what I said earlier about writing things of merit holds true.  This entry was all over the map…..ending with high-end canned peas.  I have no idea how this happens.


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23 responses to “Inner Peas

  1. susanna

    I wanted to say peas on earth good will to men but I was too late so I’ll grab pretty peas with sugar on it before someone else does. What a bunch of fun nonsense..

  2. Joanie Benson

    How funny. I just stopped at Trader Joe’s 20 minutes ago on the way home from work and when I was at the register I came upon the Inner Peas! I picked them up and ALMOST bought them, but then I didn’t and now I wish I had.. Instead, I’m eating some frozen four cheese pizza, which is ok cuz I’m starving, but now I want Inner Peas. So funny how we’re on the same wavelength so often, must be that Aquariuis Feb 12th thing. I get home, I’m eating my frozen pizza and lo and behold, there you are talking about what I SHOULD have bought! Oh, also some vegetarian vegetable rice that is out of this world (also frozen). (does the parentheses go before or after the period) ?
    Or the question mark? These are things I worry about. And you wonder why I don’t blog.. I think it goes after. Then again, before looks right to me but I’ve consumed a large glass of wine (also from Trader Joe’s) . So I don’t know right now. I will see you on the 1st for hair remodeling. I promise I won’t drink any wine.) Half a parentheses.

  3. We are homeeeeeeeeee. :()

    Why not take part in NOJOMO instead….Novermber Journal Month, an entry a day.

    I’m reading onward…………

  4. Poolie, your writing skills are extraordinary when observing the everyday. You are a modern day Mark Twain!

  5. goatbarnwitch

    let peas prevail on Earth!

  6. Chocolate arrived! Huzzah! Thank you so much! May there always be chocolate, a postal service and peas on earth to all men (and women!). s x

  7. I believe you can write whatever you want — it’s always intereting.

    Never say never. I don’t like peas, unless they are raw…or maybe frozen. Then someone gave me a recipe for “vegetarian chopped liver,” made with canned peas. I halved the recipe; no sense in wasting ingredients if it was awful. But it was good, for those of us who were brought up on chopped liver and don’t eat liver any more.

  8. Good luck! Your writing will definitely be worth reading for those of us who like to laugh — that is a given! My kidlets are after me to compile some of my columns that deal with family into some sort of book — but i, too, procrastinate, not sure where to start. And it isn’t that I don’t have the time — I don’t have to quit a job to do it. Have not figured out what to do to get the adrenalin pumping that I would need to start that project. I am in another contest on next week. It is so strange – I could have a pay check from the law office for a couple of thousand but getting a $50 check from midlifecollage gives me a much greater rush!

  9. bholles

    I love those peas. When are you going to Trader Joe’s.

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