Blesssed With More Friends!

Captain’s Log   4,492

And what a day it was yesterday!  I met up with my friends at 10:00 at the museum, and it was go-go-go from there.  Nancy and Herb.  They are a true testimony of total love.  They got married at the tender age of 20 and are still together.  Three children and eight grandchildren added to the family.  They are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary with this trip.  Nice.  They are two of the most lovely people I have ever met.  I went to high school with Nancy.  It’s nice to reconnect after all these years.  They offered me a bedroom and the use of a car whenever I want to go back to visit the Twin Cities.  I am definitely going to take them up on that offer!

Nancy and Herb – my pals

We toured every corner of Balboa Park.  We also hit Old Town and Shelter Island where we looked at the skyline and ships.  We even found two geocaches!  We stopped for dinner in Old Town after eating homemade tortillas hot off the grill (made by the nice lady on the sidewalk).  That was all we needed to want a real meal.  Good stuff.

The biggest goof of the day was when I tried to show them a “tuna” on the end of a cactus.  It’s the flower bud that can be made into delicious food or wine.  I had no idea you aren’t supposed to grab them with your hands.  They didn’t LOOK like they had stickers!  Holy crap!  Both Nancy and I got scores of teeny stickers in our fingers and hands.  Painful!  And you could barely even see them!  Herb scraped some of mine out with the edge of his pocket knife.  Dang!  I dug out most of mine later at home – when I could put my hands under a really bright light and go at those little fookers with a tweezers.  Really nasty!  

Smart lady harvesting “tunas” the right way – with enormous leather gloves and a snipper thing.

I missed the debates but have decided I could whip Romney’s ass in a spirited game of Battleship.  The more I think about it, I could probably whip Romney’s ass in just about anything.  I’m not sure if I could lift a full-sized Irish setter onto the roof of my car, but other than that……I could take him hands down!

Speaking of politics, my buttons arrived!  Actually, I ordered a few buttons and a t-shirt.  They must have run out of t-shirts because they sent me WAY more buttons instead.  I really wanted a t-shirt, dammit!  I didn’t get my t-shirt from these folks, and when I ordered a t-shirt from Invisible Children, they sent me the wrong color and the wrong size.  Lesson learned.  Do not order politically-themed clothing online.  They will screw it up.  

But I love my buttons!  They allow me so much freedom to express myself!

Looking at the world through liberal-colored glasses

It’s Freak Tuesday at the museum today.  UGH!   Hope it’s a light day.  For some reason, Freak Tuesdays are always huge whenever it rains, but the sky is blue and the sun is shining.  We might get lucky and only have 2,000 or so.  That is my hope and my dream.  Plus, we close up at 4:00 instead of 5:00.  A short but taxing day.


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10 responses to “Blesssed With More Friends!

  1. The Puerto Rican neighbors (when I was a kid) told us to pick cactus fruit carefully then hold over fire to burn off the spines

  2. farm girl

    You couldn’t beat Romney at battleship because, according to him, he is going to build lots more naval ships because we have fewest ships since 1916. (personal comment? what a dimwit) He will pay for them from…ummm…let me think…oh shoot…he didn’t say! So there will be lots more ships on his side than yours and you will never find them. It’s cheating but that’s the way it goes in love and war! Sorry dear heart. On level playing field, of course you would beat him! That is if he let you. You being a woman and all. But I just bet if you bring the binder your profile is in, he might just let you play!
    Am so jealous you got to hang with Nancy and Herb! Sounds fun..except the thorn part…ouch! Some lessons you wish someone would just show you!
    I think you are so blessed…friends abound….what a gift!

    • poolagirl

      LOL! What grand points you make! LOL! I guess I will have to bring my own navy AND my own binders if I am going to beat that jackass.

      And yes, seeing Herb and Nancy was amazing fun! So, if I come to the Twin Cities for a vacation, can we have another party????

  3. Score again…….except for the tuna experience. Ouch, owie ow! Hope the day flies by and you are soon back at home, sitting out on the patio, enjoying the birds, reading a good book, having a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and some French press coffee…..or rum…depending on how the day went… I’m sure you will figure it out.

  4. Joanie Benson

    What an uplifting post! (except for the cactus ordeal). It’s so nice to read about your friends who have been married 40 years. They look like really nice people. And what a trip that you reconnected after all these years!
    I love the way you pinned your Obama buttons to your eyelids. What a great idea.

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