Friends and More Friends

Captain’s Log  4,491

Sometimes, you just meet the nicest people!

I had the joy of meeting yet another online journalist for dinner last night!  Miss Marna and her family met me at the museum, and we had a grand time!  We went to Old Town for dinner.  After we finished eating, we sent the boys back to the hotel and Marna and I went out for coffee and some private chat time.  She is lovely, smart, funny, caring, generous, and a kick in the pants!  We talked about everything and anything.  It was certainly a treat to be in her company.  Wish she lived closer cuz I know we would be good real-time buddies too.

One of the funniest things was the sign on the Starbucks door that clearly said PLEASE USE OTHER DOOR.   It even had an arrow.  It was clearly posted on both sides of the glass.  As we sat there, I would guess that 90% of the people tried the wrong door.  Of that 90% who tried the wrong door, 90% of THEM actually read the damn sign!  BANG!  And we would laugh.  Over and over again.

This is how obvious it was.

Duh!  Amused by such simple things.

I am off to meet more friends today – a friend from high school and her hub unit.  We will spend the entire day bopping around San Diego.  More fun!  I cannot wait!


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10 responses to “Friends and More Friends

  1. I am just catching up – as I rolled in late last night. I think hands down the highlight of my trip south was to meet Poolie – Folks she’s just amazing, amazing, amazing. My kid connected with her, as did my husband:) We all love our Poolie. I am counting the days until I am down in her neck of the woods again, because well I just can’t get enough Poolie, and her conversations, her energy, etc… she’s LOVELY!

  2. I’m so glad you got to meet Ms. Marna! I don’t read her journal – well, lately I haven’t been reading ANYONE’S journal thanks to the un-pretty death of my laptop jointly with the god-awful overtime. I’m still hit and miss, but hopefully to hit a bit more frequently again.

    You seem to draw fellow bloggers to you. You meet more than I think anyone else, lol.

  3. I’m so jealous………see my sad widdle face?… ( ; (…..
    Left a comment on your previous blog too.

  4. Until the day that Miss Marna travels eastward, the best I can do is read her visits with someone else. She is indeed smart and generous. (I still use a quilt she made me some eight years ago.

    We have watched her son grow from a baby to a young man.

  5. Mia

    You are having way too much fun.

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