Fun With Friends

Captain’s Log     4,490

Yesterday was grand fun!  I helped out with Historic Highway 80’s Annual Passport Through Time.  It was a great success! I was the “auctioneer.”  That was great except the sound system pooped out.  When the guy came over to check it, he actually said, “Well, I gave you guys my worst microphone…”  Why on earth would he have done that???  So I shouted and came home with almost no voice at all.  Not good.

There were 17 stops along the route.  People who were registered could enter the pit stop and get their passports stamped.  If they made all 17 stops, they got 17 raffle tickets at the end of the run that set them up to win prizes.  We had well over 50 gifts to give away, so the chances of winning were pretty good.

The most popular stop was the Wisteria Candy Cottage.  It’s been in business since 1921 – out in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  The owner was thrilled to have so many visitors!

Wisteria Candy – in the middle of nowhere and known for its dipped chocolates

Some of the live auction prizes were amazing!  Since I was the auctioneer, I could not really bid on anything.  So….I did a bad.  I had my friend Jessika bid on something nice for me.  And I got it!  There was even a bidding war and I kept it going up and up.  My personal limit was $100, but the bidding stopped at just $65!  YAY!  I am taking Big Sister Mia to the mountains for a weekend trip!  It’s close to food, shopping, and a casino.  What could be better?

Ayers Inn in Alpine, California

Since Mia hates sharing a room, I will probably have to sleep in the car or in the lobby.  I didn’t think of that part when I started bidding.  Hmmmm……  Maybe I could pitch a tent in the corner?  We will work something out.

I am very excited today because Miss Marna is in town!  We have been online friends for quite some time, and today is the day when we make this a 3-D experience!  She is in town with her hub and child units, and the four of us will head off to Old Town tonight for a nice dinner.  Old Town is amazing!  It’s the “birthplace” of California.  That simply means the Spanish landed here and started their destruction of the native people.  Since that time, a lot of things have happened.  Characters of all kinds have made their way here.  And continue to do so.  There is something about San Diego that attracts the odd balls.  This I know is true.

I worked in Old Town as a tour guide – giving living history tours to 3rd and 4th grade students.  That was a great job until I fell out of my car (in my own driveway) and broke my leg.  It’s hard to do a 2 1/2 hour walking tour in a cast.  But I certainly loved the job.  I look forward to showing Marna and her tribe the sights today.

Here’s a very commercial video about Old Town produced by the tourism people, but it gives you and idea of where we are going.


As long as the Mariachis leave us alone, I will be fine.  I need to warn them about making eye contact with those guys!  Don’t do it!  It will cost you at least $10!

So off I go.  I have other friends from Minnesota coming tomorrow, and I took the day off to spin them around the city too.  Such fun!


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17 responses to “Fun With Friends

  1. susanna

    I like your bad style. That car run sounded like great fun.

  2. What a great raffle win……I know you two will have a lot of fun together and maybe if you buy Mia a ham dinner, she will allow you to sleep on the floor….
    Seeing the Old Town San Diego clip made me remember our visits there….It’s a great place to visit….

  3. What a beautiful place!!!! Was that Mis eating the ice cream? 😉

  4. Rhonda

    If Mia wins at the casino, maybe she could splurge for an extra room!

  5. Mia

    I hope you plan to sleep in the car or maybe the lobby.

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