Eating a Foot….or a Crow

Captain’s Log    4,487

How does that foot taste, Governor?

This just might be what is needed to expose Romney’s lack of skill and abilities.  One can only hope.

I was not able to watch the debate but I have been enjoying these salient moments online.  I spent the evening with like-minded friends doing other things.  Creative things.  It felt good.

If you are a Fifty Shades winner, your candy is on the way!


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10 responses to “Eating a Foot….or a Crow

  1. Just read an article about 10 things Romney has “lied” about ~ and many were during this last debate. I wish his followers would read the truth instead of just making assumptions. He’s was quick on jumping on Obama during the debate and extremely rude to the moderator, I thought….

  2. Ter

    I’d like to amend your “foot in mouth” to “head in ass”. As if I needed further proof of Romney’s stupidity…

  3. It’s here, it’s here!!! Many thanks!

  4. I guess a certain amount of self-admiration (or something similar) even to consider running for office. Sometimes it is deserved; other times it just makes people look ridiculous. I didn’t care much for old George Romney, but I like his son less.

    I did like the moderator commenting, “He did. You can read the transcript…”

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