Early Morning Mist

Captain’s Log   4,486

Sister Mary Zoom Zoom is in the car hospital today.  I took her in at 7:00 and caught a shuttle to work.  It was still quite early so I wandered over the coffee cart in the park and treated myself to some lovely coffee and a lemon muffin.  Considering the fact that I am spending almost $350 on the car, I thought I deserved a treat too.  She should be good to go for another 25,000 miles now.  Bless her little Mazda heart. 

The park is almost surreal at such an early hour.  Steam is rising off the grass as the sun heats the dew.  It’s so green and calm – I almost expected a gnome to peek out and scare me.

Lots to do and leaving early. 


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6 responses to “Early Morning Mist

  1. jane

    On Saturday we (Mr SH and I) went geocaching near Indian Potrero Road in Pine Valley. We had just stopped for a cache and suddenly we were passed by 16 (maybe more I started counting late) Mazda Miatas! What a sight to see!

  2. Received my chocolate treats today….Thank you.

  3. If it is the Travelocity Gnome, catch him….! I bet it is lovely early in the morning in the Balboa Park……

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