Working Toward My Goals

Captain’s Log  4,485

Wow!  I am fast approaching 500,000 visitors to my journal.  That seems amazing to me.  For some reason, it seems almost surreal.  I know how excited I was when I got to 1,000.  Then 5,000.  All milestones.  I remember my very first comment on Diaryland.  People were actually out there reading online journals!  WOW!

Facebook has done a huge disservice to the journaling world.  People make cryptic remarks on Facebook and that about does it.  They have said what they need to say in 50 words or less.  The actual act of sitting down and writing out a complete thought is a lost art.  Texting has done the same to our communication skills.  These days, if someone’s phone actually RINGS, we are all amazed.  An actual call instead of a text?  Imagine that!  

And Twitter is the worst of both worlds.  What the hell?  To me, it’s nothing more than an enormous chat room.  I have a very hard time with it.  Why do all those people I don’t even know want to know what I ate for lunch?  Or when I ate my lunch?

Even though I miss the Diaryland days, I do NOT miss the bad management of the site and the difficulty I had trying to manage comments and photos.  In addition to being difficult to manage, you also have to PAY every year for that frustration.  I was apprehensive about moving away from Diaryland, but I knew I wanted to challenge myself with my writing and I would need a better site to help make that happen.  I thought about the various sites and chose WordPress.  Not only is it reliable and easy to use, it also interfaces with about 85% of the world’s websites.  Makes it all very easy, and with the auto-save feature, I haven’t lost a single entry.  And it’s all FREE.  Best reason of all to switch to a state-of-the-art site.

Once again, I find myself living for the weekend.  This coming Saturday is the Highway 80’s annual Passport Through Time event.  The 115-mile route winds through the east county and ends up in El Cajon for a lovely taco buffet and party.  It’s always huge fun.  The following day, I am finally going to meet Miss Marna from the Portland area.  She and her family will be in San Diego, and I am meeting them for dinner in Old Town.  The following day, I am taking off to spend time with my high school friend, Nancy, and her hub unit.  They are flying to Los Angeles today and will be making their way to San Diego over the weekend.  Such fun!  The next “goal” is the trip to Montana and Yellowstone in early November.  

I can tell it’s Monday.  Dragging my feet and my ambition around like lead weights.


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14 responses to “Working Toward My Goals

  1. Linda aka Swabby

    I am embarrassed to say that I am so old fashioned I don’t even know HOW to text. I guess I should move back into the last century. If I want to talk to someone I want to have a conversation, not a bunch of abbreviated text. It just seems silly to me somehow. I think it is very sad how we are losing communication on a deeper level with each other. I see people in a restaurant sitting across from each other and not talking, just texting. It bugs me. It is really sad when I see parents of young children totally ignoring them and spending all that valuable time texting someone else. I am a curmudgeon I guess.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    I agree entirely about Diaryland and WordPress. Funny though many people are intimidated by WordPress (this statement was made to me when I insisted that the blog associated with a website I oversee be on WP rather than Blogger).. I hope the weekend arrives quickly and includes tons of fun. Fun is the glue that holds life together 🙂

  3. Congrats on 500,000!
    Ah, Diaryland… I gummed my way through that site growing my internet teeth, which are consequently in dire need of braces, lol. I learned a lot about HTML posting there. So that’s one good thing. I like facebook because it’s less like writing an article and more like starting a conversation. Twitter is cool. but only as cool as the people you follow.
    /mytwocents 🙂

  4. annanotbob

    Half a million reads!! Wow – how thrilling!

    I may move to wordpress (I already have an account here) if Andrew doesn’t start notifying when comments ans notes are there, but I found it tricky to use. Though I am ‘cognitively challenged’ (ha ha). Twitter is just a means – what you get depends on who you follow. I like it for links to political stories that aren’t making it to the main media which I get by following public figures and journalists I kind of trust, and campaigning groups. During things like protests, people tweet and send pics and film clips. as it happens. Hope your week is full of unexpected giggles x

  5. Edie

    I know I enjoy your journel more than facebook and agree that people don’t e-mail anymore. I prefer that. You sure do know how to pack a lot into a 24 hour day.

  6. I can’t disagree with anything you said. (Not only do people tweet what they ate, they seem to think others are interested in when they pass it. Ugh!)

    I didn’t realize you knew Ms. Marna. I’ll want pictures!

  7. Sounds like you have a grand plan of action……When you mentioned the Passport event; it reminded me of my visits to see you….IT IS OCTOBER AFTER ALL! So I will need to make time to be sad that I am not there this October.
    But enough about me……hope the next weekend comes super quickly so you can have some fun once again. Please tell Marna, I said Hello.

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