Book Club First Day

Captain’s Log     4,484

Going to my first book club meeting this morning!

The book was good and then it got stupid.  At least I thought it got stupid.  I hope the nice ladies of the club don’t think I’m stupid.  I hope I fit in.  I hope I don’t talk too much to too little.  I hope I find the courage to share.

I sound like I’m heading off to my first day of kindergarten.  In a sense, I am.  

I did some more landscaping yesterday.  Two more palm trees, a small hibiscus, and a large Coleus.  The child unit assisted me, and that was great!  I trimmed the fountain grass and the bougainvillea.  Then, we painted the trip around the front windows by the main door.  There are a lot of windows, so it was tedious work – the taping was the worst part.  That took twice as long as the actual painting.  

The next adventure is the lawn.  It is planted with Bermuda grass, but I hate it.  Bermuda grass is a rhizome weed more than anything else.  It’s gross.  I want the lawn planted with real grass.

Bermuda grass – parts of it alive and part of it dead.  Lawns planted with this look awful.

A professional lawn service has to come in and do this work.  It is way too much for me.  They bring in a machine to aerate the soil.  They rake off the dead grass, churn things up, and re-seed.   If I am going to have a lawn, I want a lawn.


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13 responses to “Book Club First Day

  1. Our lawn is mostly crabgrass, but at least it’s green. Kudos to the child unit for her help!

  2. susanna

    bring not being but you probably fixed that in your head.

  3. susanna

    You have read more books than anyone I know. I know you will being great insights to the group. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  4. My son had reseeded my lawn a couple of years ago — well before the salt-water flood. I gave him the tools he had bought me, he bought more seed, and his lawn is glorious.

    I didn’t think I would have anything left this summer, but I had loads of crabgrass. Actually, I like the look of crabgrass — a good shade of green and no strange outgrowths. But it gets brown when there is insufficient water; on the other hand, a good rain has me calling the lady with the lawn mower.

  5. I live in a complex surrounded by lawns. I’m not a believer in lawns as we live in the desert.

  6. Good luck with the lawn…..I don’t like Bermuda grass either…At the big house neighborhood ~ a neighbor has it and it is UGLY>
    The rest of your re-doing sound great. I’m sure you are enjoying it.
    Loved the sky photo in the previous blog. Our trees are not nearly as lovely this autumn as usual…too much heat, not enough rain has really taken a toll this season.
    We planted a hibiscus in Florida last year….it grew so well while we were there over the winter. We are hoping it did well through the summer….it might be a TREE by now.

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