Fall is Here

Captain’s Log  4,483

We DO have an autumnal change in San Diego.  It’s just not huge.  The Chinese tallow trees are starting to produce their miracles colors for us.

Fall in San Diego

The sky is the real color producer this time of year.  Here is a shot of sunset over Balboa Park (where I work).  Truly lovely time of year.


The days have cooled.  It’s 40 degrees cooler today than it was a month ago.  I am wearing socks and a sweatshirt.  Life is good.


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8 responses to “Fall is Here

  1. Beautiful… just beautiful. We obviously don’t have a lot of seasonal color changes here but if I headed a bit north you’d see some, up around Payson. I love autumn – we have been in the 60’s and 70’s here daytime. It’s heavenly!!!

  2. mommerry

    oops – Mississippi RIVER valley — hope that makes more sense — your sky picture is lovely.

  3. We just returned from a trip that took us through the scenic Mississippi valley area and southern Wisconsin which is called “little Switzerland”. The coloration in the trees banking the side hills was glorious. I took my cuddle duds along and needed them as we sat through an outdoor marching band competition (it was like seeing four half-time performances without having to watch any football) and a Civil War reenactment at a farm on the outskirts of Milwaukee. Wisconsin was cold! — enjoyed your “gray” contest but entering it was completely out of my realm of creativity. Thanks to you and your following for all the good laughs!

  4. The tallow trees contributed the only color we had when I was growing up in Houston. I loved the trees, but they are SO messy. The little white berries make great decorations, but the husks really hurt when you step on them barefooted. 8^)

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