Go Joe Biden!

Captain’s Log   4,482

Okay, I am creeped out.  I will admit it.  It happens every time someone reads 136 entries here and spends 245 minutes on the site.  And says nothing.  Just lurking around.  That makes me feel creepy.  Case in point, if you EVER cruise around someone’s journal more than a few pages, leave a little comment.  Please let the writer know you are not a serial stalker killer (even though you could be lying and I would never actually know the truth).  Just saying.  So whoever you are in Murfreesboro, Tennessee who found my journal whilst Googling deep-fried brains, it would have been nice to know you.

Roomie and her child unit (is someone 23 years old still considered a child unit?) are back from their Vermont/Canada vacation.   Can you imagine going to the Northeast at this time of the year?  Bucket list!  Roomie grew up there but child unit had never seen autumn.  She was blown away by the colors, the smells, the snap of frost in the air.  They had a grand time.  They brought back some Green Mountain coffee for me, t-shirts, and a sweatshirt from Montreal!  They were very appreciative that I took care of their pups.  Pups are getting older and require more care now, but I was glad to be of service.  The pups were of tremendous service to me this past week.  They “helped” me landscape, “helped” me fold laundry, “guarded” the house, chased the birds, and took up every inch of sleeping space on my bed every night.  There was just enough room for me in a tight fetal position.  Good thing I like to sleep in a tight fetal position.

One more day at the Confederacy and then I have a weekend!  YAY!   I plan to paint the window frames on the front of the house.  Far less taxing than planting trees (last weekend project).   The trees are doing well.  Still standing.  Still green.

I watched the debate last night.  Go Joe!  Enough of being nice to asshats!  He was aggressive and tough on Mr. Nickel Farter.  I could not be more pleased.   Some people say Joe was too mean and rude.  I thought he put the little jerk in his place – the little jerk who really didn’t answer the questions.  The moderator was AMAZING too!  She hammered them to stay on task.  And her questions were thought-provoking.  It’s nice to see what these guys are really made of.  Have you ever noticed the down-turned look on Ryan’s face most of the time?

He does this a lot.  

And Joe Biden does this a lot.

I loved the question about abortion even though conservatives thought it wasn’t fair.  Yes, it IS fair.  The moderator wanted to know how their religious beliefs were going to impact their decisions.  When conservatives made noise that we have a separation between church and state, I wanted to CHEER!  Yes!  That was exactly the point of the question!  Would the candidates be able to separate themselves from their church to run the  country?  DUH!

I think Joe knocked it out of the park.  Yes, he may have been rough around the edges, but it’s time for the gloves to come off.  It’s time to over-talk these asshats and prove how heartless they really are.  Indeed.  Go Joe!

I cannot wait for my Obama buttons to arrive in the mail.  I fully intend to wear one on my purse that I carry everywhere.   I would never wear one on my clothing at work because that would be inappropriate.  We don’t allow any political stuff like that in the museum.  But cars and purses are a different story.  And I intend to tell it.


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29 responses to “Go Joe Biden!

  1. I haven’t seen the debates. Loath politics but this year it’s been more a case of physical and emotional exhaustion. Slept through them to date.

  2. jane

    I’ve been away visiting my mum in the UK so I have a lot of catching up to do!

  3. Charlotte Bolinger

    I totally agree. Did you read about the bumper sticker in Georgia that reads “DON’T RE-NIG” ? There are a lot of nickel farters out there.

  4. Linda aka Swabby

    I was coming home from Red Wing this afternoon and saw a huge billboard with this on it, “A vote for Obama is a vote for the destruction of America”. I became physcially ill. What is wrong with these people?!!!!

  5. susanna

    I was so proud of Biden for jumping in, over talking, making faces, telling it like it is with some statistical information and not letting the little yes, nickel farter! get away with anything. Ryan Nickel Farter, Roap-A-Dope!! I love reading this stuff!

  6. I’m getting concerned that half the US population think that JUST SAYING things will be “fixed” means that they will be……Grow up people. Biden was more aggressive than Obama for a reason….to get the debates back on track…I sure hope Obama comes out swinging next time.

  7. Joanie Bensoni

    It’s probably me stalking you because sometimes right in the middle of reading a post I’ll get distracted by something I have to do and forget to go back till the next day! Then when I get up and turn on my computer and I’m like ” shit, I’ve been on here all night!” Don’t ‘worry tho, I’m not very dangerous…….usually.

  8. I wonder about your reader from Murfreesboro. Not too far from me. Although it says I’m from “Ooltewah” and, although that’s only about 10 miles away, it would do better to say I was from Hixson or Chattanooga. Go figure.

  9. According to several polls, Ryan outgunned Biden last night. One question: Exactly what debate were these twits watching? Biden hit it out of the park—grand slam style. Yes, Joe interrupted on several occasions. Yes, his tone had some bite to it. Yes, his big grin seemed as though he was mocking Ryan. So what? This is a war; a battle for control of the most powerful, influential country in the world. Do we want a wimp as VP?

    I’ve come to the harsh conclusion that the vast majority of voters don’t know crap about crap. Ryan was repeatedly asked direct questions and he did the Rope-a-Dope better than Mohammed Ali. Wasn’t America paying attention? Romney and Ryan keep talking about the 12 million jobs they’re going to create, yet neither can outline a specific plan to accomplish this. They pull numbers out of their butts and expect us to trust them? Yeah, right!

    Anyway, I’m delighted that Biden taught the understudy a thing or two, but pissed off that more than half the country has been duped by the Romney-Ryan ticket. Pay attention America!

  10. I finally had to turn it off. It was keeping me up.

    I have a child the same age as Mr. Ryan who, despite not having spent the last twelve years in Congress could tell him a thing or three.

  11. bholles

    This debate was really interesting. I even watched the whole thing. I think Biden won it. Go Joe.

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