Rain, Rain Please Come and Stay!

Captain’s Log    4,479

Thu    Oct 11

T-Showers67°  High62°  LowT-Showers 



That is so exciting!  RAIN is forecast!  RAIN!    We most definitely need rain rain rain.  When I went to Pine Valley on Sunday, both my friend and I were shocked at the dry conditions.  And this is the peak time for fires.  This is the time of year when Santa Ana winds blow toward the coast across the mountains, bringing dry hot air that can spread a fire in minutes.

How much damage can a Santa Ana do?  A whole lot.

This was damage done in Pasadena a few years ago.  Granted, the trees were eucalyptus that fall over if you look at them the wrong way, but even so…….

A big thanks to everyone who entered the Fifty Shades contest.  Such fun!  I will be buying the candy tomorrow and probably shipping it out on Friday morning.  Watch your mailboxes!  It’s finally cool enough to ship chocolate.

I have to work on a grant all day and then I am going out for dinner with Mage and the Geezer.  We laugh so much when we are together!  That’s a good thing.  My first meeting with the new book club is Sunday, and I still haven’t finished the book.  I will do that tonight.  Joining this club is so exciting for me!  I have always wanted to do this but I have never found the right fit.  There was a club that would only take you if you were a member of Mensa.  How much fun would THAT be?  Sitting around with a bunch of IQ snobs for a few hours?  No thanks.  I don’t even know my IQ and I don’t care.  As long as it’s high enough to let me keep a job and write drivel here every day, I am happy.  If I can stay one step ahead of the hordes or at least APPEAR to be one step ahead of the hordes, the game is in my favor.

Must go find something mindless that will reward me with a piece of paper that I put into the bank with other pieces of paper so I can issue my own pieces of paper to buy stuff.  Not very enthused right now.  Eh?


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12 responses to “Rain, Rain Please Come and Stay!

  1. jane

    My book club is great fun! They don’t mind if you don’t finish or even not read it at all! We talk about the book for a short while and very easily get sidetracked! And we have cake!

  2. susanna

    I use my IQ very wisely these days. I am make lists, pin notes to my shirt and tape large reminders on the front door as I go out: STOP! TURN OFF POOL WATER! Very gifted in the brain department.

  3. Sounds like you know your readers when you offer a chocolate bribery stash, lol. And here’s for us ALL finding something simple and rewarding to get us free of our respective confederacies.

  4. We get our very own trick-or-treat packages in the mail. Yum!

  5. Did someone say chocolate?

  6. I got my IQ several years ago when my mother was in a Twin Separated At Birth Study at Minneapolis…I was part of the testing as her blood relative…..I’m sure it has dropped some since I stopped working…..and then I….Chocolate…did you say Chocolate….?

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