Day-Tripping With a Friend

Captain’s Log   4,477

Going to Pine Valley this morning with a friend.  We decided to forgo Julian because the Apple Festival is happening there.  It could take at least 3 hours to get there and 3 hours to get back.  And once you get there, it’s so crowded you can’t do anything.  So….another time.

Bridge in Pine Valley, California.  Population 1,500.  Elevation 3,736 feet.

I hope to stop at the Frosty Burger for a milkshake (out of this world) and a chance to see the only old-fashioned free-standing pay phone on the planet.

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Superman’s changing room!

I am almost finished with the landscaping in the front approach to the house.  One more stupid bush to dig out and one more nice plant to put in.  I have to buy the nice plant.  I’m thinking Mexican heather.  Also called false heather.  Guess any heather that grows in San Diego would be false.  We are about as far away from Scottish moors as you can get!

Drought resistant and hardy.  Who cares if it’s false?

Off I go to the mountains!  Road trip!


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12 responses to “Day-Tripping With a Friend

  1. Sensible. I love the back drive to Pine Valley….you could get apple pie there too. Yes, food Tuesday…we will meet you there. Hurrah.

  2. I’m sure whatever you did today ~ it was an adventure and probably a geo-cache was somewhere along the way. I like the faux heather….looks pretty.

  3. Enjoy your day. The only time I’ve been in Julian was this same weekend last year on our way to our granddaughter’s wedding at a winery/B&B in Temecula. Definitely no parking places during Apple Festival in Julian.

  4. Now you have me craving a milkshake, lol. Can’t recall the last one I had.

    Pictures forthcoming once you finish your landscaping, right? If not of the entire front yard, at least of various portions thereof! The faux heather is probably pretty nonetheless.

  5. Betty

    I bet you and friend will have a blast. I want a milkshake.

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