Soapbox Time

Captain’s Log   4,476

The campaign has certainly heated up.  Romney’s STUPID remark about Big Bird will certainly go down in history.  Obama was weak on the stage, but at least he didn’t say anything THAT regrettable!  And you don’t tell the person moderating the debate that you want to cut funding and put him out of a job.  Romney has the tact of a doorknob.  No, at least a doorknob knows enough to stay quiet and be of service to the people who use the damn door.

I just wonder will happen to Burt and Ernie in all of this.  No, I don’t wonder what will happen, I actually KNOW what will happen.  If the PBS debacle budget cut doesn’t get them, the anti-gay marriage asshats certainly will.

Should we talk about Tinky-Winky?

Fookin’ PURPLE Teletubby with a PURSE!  What more evidence do you need to realize that the future of America’s morality and fiscal crisis depends on getting rid of evil characters like this?

Oh, Lord.  We have real problems.  We are engaged in warfare that costs us billions and billions of dollars, and if I understand Romney correctly, that is exactly what he likes.  So….let’s just go around the world foist ourselves on cultures that hate us – and then let’s have 2,000 of our own soldiers killed and how many thousands more living without arms and legs – just so we can be morally right about something.  And we’re going to fix the budget and take care of all of this by removing EDUCATIONAL programming from television.

I am SOOOO glad I was raised with different values.  I am SOOOO glad my uncle was best friends with Hubert Humphrey and I learned what it means to be a “global” citizen who values diversity and respects people’s personal choices.  I am SOOOO glad my other uncle was a journalist in World War II and came back with the real story of the German occupation.  I am SOOOO glad my father was part of the effort to create a world that was fair for everyone.  I am SOOO glad I wore long hair and love beads and batik-print blouses.  I am SOOOO glad I protested against people who would try to control what we think and believe.  I am SOOO glad I stood up for a woman’s right to choose.

The political climate that lies under the surface of this country is frightening to the core.  We are NOT a nation founded on “Christian” principles.  Why do people forget that salient point?  A former friend of mine was ranting on and on about the constitutional “right” for marriage to be between one man and one woman.  There is not ONE FOOKIN’ WORD about marriage in our constitution.  Not one!   I also found the remarks quite amusing since the person had been unfaithful in marriage for the last 4 years or so.  I find it quite hypocritical for someone to have such strong opinions about marriage, religion, or whatever and not follow the “rules” set forth by the dictates of the vows.  Not that I am a perfect person, but I don’t rant on and on about being a vegetarian and then sneak off to McDonald’s for a burger when nobody is looking.  It’s that same morality OOPSIE that makes me furious.  If you aren’t faithful in your own relationships, do NOT argue with me about what other people want to do legally and morally.  Just don’t.

And now…to chill your heart and drive home my point, watch this video and learn why God hates Nebraska and Iowa.  I do believe if Romney is elected, we would be VERY close to the edge of accepting something like this as okay to implement everywhere.  Radical right wing religious nutballs scare the hell out of me – be they in the Middle East or here in the United States.  When you preach hatred against anyone, you are a sick bastard.   If this is the world you think God intended, you must be the most unhappy fucks on the planet.

And on another note, if you have not voted for the Angela Lansbury contest, get busy.  You have today and tomorrow.  Click the page above listed Fifty Shades of Grey Contest.  Look at the photos.  Click the link to the survey.  

Many thanks.


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20 responses to “Soapbox Time

  1. Sadly there hasn’t been a truly great politician since Lincoln – if then. I tend to vote for the least-bad candidate. In some elections I’ve been torn. In this one I truly cannot see how anyone could vote for Romney.

    Then again, there are actual members who belong to Westboro Baptist Church, not just the pastor who preaches such hatred. What concerns me most is that fringe groups like that could end up pushing people to such extremes that the laws are changed to curtail them – and inadvertently slapping limits on legitimate free speech in the process.

  2. Daniel

    I am a huge supporter of Obama and think he’s a man of high integrity. He’s done a remarkable job over the last four years, but if he wants to get re-elected, he has to take off the gloves and go bare knuckles. He had dozens of opportunities to call Romney on his lies but let it slide! Why, pray tell, didn’t the President talk about Mitt’s disparaging comments about the “47%”

    I am puzzled. Truly puzzled! Where were President Obama’s advisers and coaches? What did they talk about during the weeks that preceded the debate? They should all be fired! President Obama was as prepared to debate Romney as much as a lamb is prepared to fight a lion. It was a bloodbath!

  3. Ter

    Thank you for this. So many people around me are pro-Romney and it sickens me. I stopped listening to him and Paul Ryan when they made comments against a couple’s right to use assistive reproductive methods (Ivf etc). That hit waaaaay too close to home. They can both take a long walk off a short pier.

  4. Ter

    Reblogged this on Farm Girl In Training and commented:
    While this isn’t something I typically blog about here, I can’t pass up the opportunity to share such a well-written piece.

  5. bholles

    I only know one person who is voting for Romney. Scary thought. All the people I know and hang with are with Obama. I think Romney is a nut case.

  6. I too remain anti war and pro choice. No conservative A###### has the right to tell me what to do with my bod, thanks. I saw a cartoon on Facebook yesterday that wondered what Romney would do if we legislated his penis. LOL

    Trucks HO….I kinda wish I had stuck grumpy in your show.

  7. On the list of things for which to be grateful:
    * Your father and your uncles, and your willingness to be different for the sake of others.
    * Anyone who encouraged your writing ability.

  8. Sometimes it seems like we are living in a very bad movie…very bad. Or a Stephen King novel where EVIL is the main character. Appears you and I have similar ideas regarding war and PBS funding. Unfortunately there are a lot of sheep following these hate-filled people.

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