Got Another Sign

Captain’s Log   4,474

The photo contest is over and the voting has begun.  But there is clearly not enough voting being done!  I know that more than 10 of you are reading this, so get busy!  Photos and voting link can be found HERE.  Voting will be available until Sunday.  Then, the winners of the various categories will be announced.  You can only vote once per log-on, so make it good!

Roomie and her child unit are in Vermont on vacation.  I know.  Bucket list stuff.  Vermont in October?  Can you imagine how lovely?  They called last night to let me know they got there in one piece.  Child unit’s brand new luggage was destroyed by United Airlines baggage handlers, but other than that, all was well.  They are going to the Ben & Jerry’s factory today.  More bucket list.  They are heading up to Ottawa and Montreal on Saturday.  Lucky ducks.

The installation of the new exhibit at the museum is going well.  Pickup trucks are a LOT bigger than whimsical steampunk vehicles, and it feels overwhelming.  Steampunk was amazing and I am so grateful we were able to pull it off.  We proved that the museum can be more than just cars for old guys.  I will probably be remembered there as the crazy fool who brought in an exhibit based solely on imagination, and that is fine with me.  I’ll take that legacy.  Not sure what the cards hold for my next adventure.  I met with the museum’s CPA yesterday and he actually said, “What are you doing there?  Your imagination is so much bigger than what they let you do.”  He’s so right.  If the numbers guy can see it, the truth must be obvious.

I watched the debate last night – and I must admit I was disappointed in Obama.  He was holding back, and that made him look ineffective and lame.  Maybe it was a ploy.  Maybe he’s going to come out of the gate at the next debate and wipe the floor with Romney.  I’ve done that.  Sit back, take a lot of shots, appear weak, and then…..BLAM.  Upside the head.  At least I hope that’s his battle strategy.  If not, he’s got some serious debate training to do.

The book I am reading for the book club is truly amazing.  It’s rich and dense – like an excellent piece of chocolate.  To be savored over lots of coffee.  I made a little nest in the living room last night and read for a long time.  Books like this are a blessing.

Off to the Confederacy to put in some time.  I am going to the hospital tonight to visit my dear friend who had hip replacement surgery yesterday.  She has been in so much pain for so long.  She is confident that the pain of recovery will seem like a walk in the park in comparison.  Think she might need some ice cream tonight.



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10 responses to “Got Another Sign

  1. Yes, who? Just for the moment, your whole life seems in balance. I love it.

  2. Whenever I think of the Confederacy I also think “here’s your sign”, in a Jeff Foxworthy way!

  3. Penny Tushingham

    When you add the upper east coast in the fall to your bucket list, add do it with Pen Pen. I SO miss those beautiful changing trees.

  4. Here’s your sign……..I think the signs are getting bigger and bigger…..and ‘they” won’t be able to handle the truth when it hits them up side the head……Good luck.

  5. jo

    they are looking for a theater director

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