Fifty Shades Contestant #2!

Captain’s Log  4,458

I am happy to present…..Contestant #2 in the I Think I Look Like Angela Lansbury With Fifty Shades of Grey contest!  YAY!  This is a relatively recent friend of mine in the online journal world, and I was blessed to actually meet her a few weeks ago when she was on vacation in San Diego!

I present……Miss Mary Z from the fine state of Tennessee!

The lovely blue shirt picks up the accent of mischief in her eyes.   Those luscious lips look ready for biting.  But what is most telling is the writing on the shirt.  Using subtle clues, Miss Mary Z is letting Christian know that two can play his game.  A playful turning of the tables.  The soft brush of her short hair will surely torture him if taken to the right places (I believe they are called happy tracks in the book).  Wink.  The elegance of the earrings lets everyone know she is one classy siren.  My inner goddess packed a lunch and went hiking with this one.

See how much fun this is?  What are you waiting for?  Anyone can play!  Just send a photo to poolagirl (at) aol dot com and I will post it here and write ridiculous sex talk about you too!  Come on!

News alert!  Emma Watson is slated to play Anastasia in the film version.  Dang!  She goes from playing a confident genius witch child to playing a simpering fool who lets a sicko take over her life.  Guess she is proving she is not going to be type-cast.


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13 responses to “Fifty Shades Contestant #2!

  1. Another lovely entry into this remarkable contest. We do have some bold shades of gray, don’t we?

  2. jett

    I guess I have a completely different perspective on this book (at least the 1st one that I’m only 1/2 through — it’s been about 3 weeks now so it’s a slow read for me). I don’t see yet that Anastasia is ” a simpering fool who lets a sicko take over her life”. Like E.L. said yesterday on Katie, Ana & Christian are both consentual adults. It’s fantasy so I really don’t take any of it seriously.
    I also like that E.L. said she wrote the books for herself…not for anyone else, especially not for men. I liked the comment she made when Katie asked her what she thought about some people saying the writing “isn’t that good”. E.L.’s reply was something like, “Well, it’s sold 30 million copies so someone must not mind the writing!” Love it! Maybe it’s just that as I get older, like E.L., I care less & less about what other people think about the way I think.
    I sure hope Poolie doesn’t kick me off her blog but I wouldn’t blame her. I often seem to have the opposite opinion as her other nice readers.
    I’d submit a photo but I better wait til I finish this first book cuz so far, I don’t really see what all the hoop-la is about! Could I really be that old? ~~ Nahhh!
    But yes, keep those photos coming everyone…I love Poolie’s writing!

  3. Haven’t decided if I will watch that Katie show with the “author”….and I use the term loosely…..pun intended…..
    I have shirt envy on this one…….sounds a bit,,,,,ummm….”dominatrix “?

  4. Well, that certainly took me to places I’d never thought of before. 8^)

  5. Miss Mary looks great, doesn’t she? Last picture of my grey hair looked more like the wicked witch of the northeast.

  6. Penny Tushingham

    OMG, OMG I had heard you talk, read reference Fifty Shades of Grey but I had absolutely no idea what it was all about until yesterday! Author was on the new katie show. OMG was the audience smiling and blushing at the same time.

    Pen Pen

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