Vision of a Goddess

Captain’s Log   4,456

Blessings for Gatorade.  And popsicles.  Those two amazing culinary inventions were the only things that kept me alive yesterday.  Methinks I was either food poisoned at Frank’s birthday party OR it was some sort of virulent flu.  Let’s just say….it was nasty nasty nasty.  For awhile, even water was troublesome.  Since dehydration is an issue with something so violent under normal circumstances, it’s even worse in 102 degree heat.  I was concerned when my skin “tented” on the backs of my hands.  A clear sign of trouble.

Everything was cramping.  My knee and hip joints were on fire.  The headache was monstrous.   Not the most pleasant of days.  I am up and about today.  A few saltines last night and some mac and cheese this morning have decided to stay put.  I even had a cup of coffee that took care of the headache.

I look like a goddess this morning – hair all stiff with sweat.  Lovely.

A vision of beauty

So it’s time for shower.  Off to get something done.


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16 responses to “Vision of a Goddess

  1. I’m so jealous of that hair! Ha!!!! I hope you’re feeling better and that the ridiculously hot weather is gone!

  2. goatbarnwitch

    Oh my, sick in that heat is evil. Glad you are on the mend…. you might want to consider keeping the hair, it would give your opponents something to wonder about – lol

  3. Hooray for feeling better! That does not sound like fun at all.

  4. Penny Tushingham

    You probably had heat stroke. That will make everything go wacky!

  5. Joanie Benson

    You forgot the sunglasses. Sorry you’re sick!

  6. Glad to see you still have your sense of humor!!

  7. Glad you’re showing signs of at least WANTING to recover!

  8. Here’s hoping you feel better. Some of your symptoms cry out, “I need water.” Would Jell-o stay down? (Or liquid Jell-o?)

    A woman I knew told me she alternated Coke and ginger ale, maybe a teaspoon at a time. There’s something about Coke, and I would guess that a Mexican Coke would be excellent.

    You can’t be sick. You have places to go.

    • poolagirl

      Real Coke is amazing! We used to give that to the kids at the theatre when they fussed about tummy aches. Or maybe they pretended because they wanted a Coke!

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