Five Wee Raviolis

Captain’s Log  4,455

So last night it was time to try something new.  Everybody has been raving about a new place in San Diego called True Food.  I got home late and it was just too hot to cook.  So off I went with Roomie and her child unit.  A whole new world was waiting.

First thing was the drinks.  You cannot get a diet Coke in a place called True Food.  So I had a rhubarb/strawberry spritzer thing.  It was mostly spritzer with a skinny little 1/4 strawberry on a skewer.  Lame.  I opted for the cheese ravioli with corn sauce and sun-dried tomatoes.  Sounded divine!  It was divine….but I only got five teeny little bite-sized raviolis for….$15.   To cut to the chase, dinner for three (with these weird drink things) was $75.  And nobody had any alcohol.  JEEBUS!  Actually, alcohol was less expensive than the spritzer things.  If I ever go back, I will have a beer.  LOL!

True Food in San Diego.  So organic you can eat the table decorations!

Lesson learned.  If it looks like it would cost you a million dollars to eat there, it probably will.  I am always content with potato tacos for $3.99 and a Mexican Coke for another buck.  Such a simple pirate with a simple palate.  Kinda happy about that.  When I am traveling and find someplace like Denny’s or the International House of Pancakes, I go wild with glee.

The decor was stunning and the service was truly top notch.  It was just the prices and extremely small portions.  I know Americans eat too much, but come on!  Five bites of ravioli for dinner????  I should have had at least six.  Roomie’s kale salad was large enough to start a compost bin.  She offered me a bite.  I thought eating burnt grass on the lawn would probably taste better.  Ugh.

So I settled for my tasteless spritzer and teeny weeny raviolis.  They don’t even serve you bread or anything to munch on while you are waiting.  Very stark dining experience.  And also very expensive.  No need to go back.  Been there, done that.

The heat wave has descended again.  Temperatures near the beaches could reach 100 today.  No air conditioning in the museum exhibit areas or the offices.  Not sure how long we will all last.  We may close early.  I am going to Frank the Drummer’s birthday party tonight.  The restaurant is air conditioned, so we might all just stay there until the wee hours of the morning.  LOL!


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26 responses to “Five Wee Raviolis

  1. jane

    Easting out in the UK is terribly expensive. Even a lunch time baguette with a few chips and what they call a salad on the side is 12-15 uk pounds! No free refills for your coke either!

  2. I’m with you. Give me a Denny’s over something so fancy-schmancy. Hopefully you had some mashed ‘taters at home to make up for it!

  3. Charming looking. Yes, a skip. Thanks for the review.

  4. I am slightly depressed to tell you that $75 for mediocre dinner for three is actually pretty reasonable here. *weep* s x

  5. ugh…..I hate places that charge so much for mediocre food….Give me a Denny’s or even Burger King any day…..we found a new place here ~ franchise called Cheddars…..they had a grown up grilled cheese with 4 slices of 2 kinds of cheese….and fries YUMMO!

  6. jett

    I guess I’m the only True Food lov’n person on your blog, eh? Maybe it was because I was there for a special “soft opening” event and was star-struck by one of my guru’s, Dr. Andrew Weill himself but I loved the entire experience, tho I ordered different drinks, an appetizer and food than you. Don’t blame you for not giving it your blessing given your experience but I for one loved it and tell eveyone who’ll listen to me about it. I think it’s just my style.

  7. 3 bucks per ravioli? What did they stuff it with, money? Jesus. Unless it’s at a Hooters, that’s outrageous.

  8. Daniel

    I’ve heard about True Food from a number of people. When I checked out their menu on-line, I wasn’t particularly impressed. As luck would have it, I went to a friend’s BD party and all the food came from True Food. The pizza sucked. The kale salad tasted like kentucky blue grass. The spring rolls were tasteless. And the turkey burgers were as dry as cardboard. Other than that, everything was divine!

  9. If no diet Coke, it’s plain soda water (seltzer) for me. At Denny’s my sister asks for a glass of lemonade and a second glass of ice, because she’s going to dilute it. I’ll be you couldn’t get that for less than $5 at a place called True Food.

  10. Might I recommend Muzita’s Abyssian Bistro on University? Granddaughter and hub took us to eat there – they live within walking distance (although I didn’t walk, of course). There were vegetarian choices and it was all very good.

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