Going to Helena!

Captain’s Log  4,454

OH YAY!  I am going to Helena, Montana in November to see my friend Penny!  Booked the ticket!  She said if all goes according to plan, we are going to Yellowstone! 

Less than 30,000 people in Helena.  That means Penny is probably on a first-name basis with every single person!

Buffalo in Yellowstone!  Penny knows how to find them!

Color me excited!


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20 responses to “Going to Helena!

  1. Sherrie Lidderdale

    We’re in Glacier Nat’l Park as I write this (well actually Kalispell). We went to Yellowstone 2 years ago. I sure hope the weather cooperates for you, it is a truly amazing place. If you get a chance, drive about an hour south to Jackson and the Grand Tetons. It would be a shame to come so far and not get to see that area too.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    Friends tell me Montana is spectacular. Don’t forget the camera!

  3. It looks absolutely gorgeous there. Take a jacket if you’re going in November. And maybe snow boots, lol. And a camera!!

  4. Those pics take my breath away!

  5. Bravo for finding a balance. What excitement. WOW/

  6. You have become quite the traveler. Maybe you should write a book about your adventures.

  7. You have all the fun. And knowing you, a buffalo will probably fall in love with you and follow your car everywhere….

  8. I’ve heard that it’s possibly the most beautiful state in the union.

    I also heard (back when I worked for Bosslawyer) that they banned smoking in Helena bars, and the rate of heart attacks went down. In a town that small, it was easier to track. But the bars said their business went down when people couldn’t smoke there, so — last I heard — they were overturning the smoking ban.

  9. We love Montana, and Yellowstone (of course)! In November, you’ll probably get to see some snow, too. We’re hoping to get to the Canadian Rockies again next year (in the early fall). Enjoy!

  10. Penny Tushingham

    Yep, I am a Buffalo expert! Can’t wait for your visit!

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