The Busy-ness of Days

Captain’s Log  4,450

I’ve been way too busy for human endurance these last few days.  Checklist:

Started a planning grant for a $350,000 project (AutoSymphonic)

Stuffed 200 goody bags for the big car show on Sunday.

Wrote a speech for the big car show on Sunday.

Examined two proposals to replace the flooring in the museum with upscale materials (bids were $500,000 – $650,000).  Kinda pisses me off since the Confederacy thinks the staff should get $20 Starbucks cards instead of yearly raises.  But that’s another story for another damn day.

Presented at a national seminar (with two Steampunk makers)

Attended the seminar all fookin’ day (from 7:30 AM – we left the happy hour gathering around 6:30 PM)

I be a tired pirate.  I have a lot to do today too.  I meet Big Sister Mia for breakfast.  Then, I need to take care of some insurance needs.  Then, it’s off to the bookstore to pick up her order.  Then we go to La Jolla to file medical records.  I am squeezing in a cut/color with Joanie after that.  I certainly hope nobody wants me to do anything later.  Tomorrow will be a day from hell.  I pick up staff members at 5:00 AM to start setting up for the big car show.  I won’t get home until around 4:30 in the afternoon.

And people wonder why I love staying at home and reading books.   There is nothing like the sense of sanctuary to bring things back into perspective.

Unless it’s creative.  I really like doing that.  I never get tired when I’m involved in a creative project.  I joined a small community theatre group as their marketing/publicity person.  I don’t have the time right now to perform or direct, but I can certainly crank out press releases for them.  It’s fun!  They are a great group!  Intelligent and way left of center.  The discussions over coffee are very rewarding.

I also joined a book club!  Meeting a few hours each month fits my schedule quite nicely.   I haven’t actually attended a meeting yet.  September was cancelled for some reason, but the group starts up again in October.

October – the month of Halloween fun.

Not sure if these sound good or not.  Hmmmmmm




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20 responses to “The Busy-ness of Days

  1. Your busyness is mostly for others…namely the Confederacy…..Yeah, how brilliant to “reward” all that hard work with a $20 Starbucks gift card….. But I digress….I’m happy you found a couple of places to pencil in some creativity for your own sanity. The trick will be to pencil in more for YOU and less for THEM…. I know you are working on that.
    And a song comes to mind………LOL…
    9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

    Workin’ dawn to dusk
    What a way to make a livin’
    Makes me want to cuss
    It’s all takin’
    And no givin’

    They abuse your soul
    And they never give you raises
    Do a really great job
    But they never give you praises.

    Dawn til dusk, trying to make a better living
    You would think that I
    Would hear some “atta girl” praise giving ~
    Want to do my best
    Confederacy doesn’t let me ~
    I swear I know that
    they are out to get me

    They’ll lose me soon
    I’ll watch it fall apart
    “cause I’ve got to move
    Before they break my heart.
    But I’ve got a good plan
    They’ll never take away ~
    I’ll be out of here
    Finding my own way….

    Working dawn to dusk
    What a way to make a living
    Makes me want to laugh
    I’ll be taking and I’ll be giving ~

    Towards a better life
    It won’t be much longer
    then they’s rue the day
    They thought I wasn’t stronger
    Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah…..

  2. leilanidoornbosch

    Anything more on your plate and that plate’s gonna implode!

  3. jo

    Its kinda hard to give so much life energy and not be rewarded

  4. susanna

    Wow, what a schedule, but filled with creative and monetary wonders! Paul was just asked to take a part in a play in a small but vital theater company a few weeks ago. He had to say no because he is working and healing an injured leg. Wonder if it is the same Co? Have a wonderful Sunday. It sounds like a great day.

  5. Edie

    WHEW!!!! You really are busy….but then it takes a busy person to get things done….

  6. Good thoughts for getting through the weekend!

  7. Only yesterday I pointed out to my daughter that Oreos are a cultural icon and should not be messed with. (Even if I don’t think they are that good, I recognize their importance.) I thought the Birthday Oreos were pretty bad.

    These look infinitely worse. Candy corn, which we used to get only in October-November, doesn’t taste as good as it used to. And mixing them with Oreos is almost sacrilegious.

  8. And you got to my blog before I got it fully up and running this morning. Yup, Nook. You is sooooo funny girl. Boy do you sound busy too. The theater sounds gonzo good. You also sound less depressed and angry that you have been. You cheer me up.

  9. joe

    Hi My friend
    Sending you lots of love
    Get Rest Please

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