Bang on the Drums All Day

Captain’s Log  4,447

After five glorious days off, it’s back in the saddle.  Being off that long makes it REALLY hard to go back.  I am facing a rather hellish week – all polishing off with a big car show event on Sunday.  I have to be on the grounds by 4:30 in the goddamn morning!  Every year we go through this falderal to net about $2,000.  I could do that in three hours with a basic rental of the exhibit floor.  We do it for the PR and community exposure, but it is SO not worth anyone’s time.  Plus, it’s not even the museum’s show.  We just go along for the ride.  But trust me, the staff time invested in this “ride” more than eats up our $2,000.

Why do we do it?  To be nice.  Frankly, I am getting quite sick of being nice.  I had a discussion with a friend Thursday morning before the flight to Vegas, and it has become quite apparent that I grow very weary of building empires for other people.  Not that I want to build empires for myself, but I grow resentful when I think of my work as a drop in the bucket for someone else’s glory.   Maybe it’s working this hard for someone else.   That’s the kicker.

So I head off with a heavy heart this morning.  I can totally relate to the kids starting school today.  I don’t wanna go.  I wanna just bang on the drums all day.  Or read.

I decided to expand my reading menu to include something I have not read much in the past.  Everybody is going on and on about George Martin’s books (Fire and Ice series), so I bought them.

Gotta love Amazon for such good deals.  Got the set for $12 plus shipping.  Where else?

It’s about time I become a more well-rounded reader.  Not that the Fifty Shades books aren’t expanding my horizon.  My horizon has expanded to the edge of the driveway with those books.  Big Sister Mia finished the third one on our Vegas trip, so now it’s my turn to see WHY Christian Grey is such a fooked up mess and why Anastasia is an even bigger fooked up mess for putting up with him.   I guess they finally get around to using the famous “plugs” in the third book.  Can’t wait.

Here’s a fabulous review of the first book.  If you haven’t read it, the review won’t knock you to the floor quite as hard.  Even so, watch your head.

Hilarious Review of Fifty Shades of Grey

Hannah Harto of YouTube fame has started a music video around the same theme – except everything she is singing about is grey.  Things like toasters, storm clouds, Grey Goose vodka, etc.  Extremely funny.

The finches are starting to slow down a bit.  I think their youngsters have flown off to finch college, leaving them with empty nests.  Food that used to disappear in a matter of hours is now lasting two days.

Speaking of babies, I am going to visit a friend’s reptile ranch near San Diego once the weather cools down.  They raise lots of things.  I am most interested in meeting the tortoises.  Not so much the snakes or the baby mice that are fed to the snakes.  I will also be given a lesson in how to incubate cricket eggs.  

How adorable is that?

Visiting the reptile ranch sounds like a LOT more fun than working, doesn’t it?  Except for the snakes and mice part.


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7 responses to “Bang on the Drums All Day

  1. You know, your destiny is waiting for you. If you don’t fulfill it, it never sees the light of day – so it is LITERALLY waiting for you to shake it out, dust it off and bring it out for others to see.

    LOVE the baby tortoises; also loved the review on Fifty Shades of Puke. If that thing could make it to the bestseller list, we should all be horsewhipped for not wrapping up a book. I guarantee anything we wrote would be leaps and bounds better than that kind of – dare I say it? – crap!

  2. susanna

    I see it right around the corner, working for yourself and lovin’ it. All this writing talent is your ticket girlfriend!
    One of my roommates has a turtle in a barren tank of water, in a room where the temp. soars too high and no one pays attention to the creature…so…I asked her if I could set up a water aquarium on the kitchen sink and when she is away, which is all day and evening, turtle could join the rest of the roommates and enjoy some attention and some greens! Yea!! she said yes and today I buy and set up the new home.
    I won’t read the book but the review was hilarious!!

  3. You are so right about building the empires and slaying the dragons for someone’s else glory…….I’m glad you are getting weary of that task and I hope you soon find a place for YOU…….
    somewhere ~ out there is the place where you belong….

    which reminds me of a song……DUH!!!!

    Somewhere out there beneath the sky so blue
    Something’s waiting for you and wishing it were true..

    Somewhere out there someone’s saying a prayer
    That you will find joy and courage to live in that big somewhere out there

    And even though I know how very scary it can be
    Wishing for a better life is good for you and me…

    And when the night wind starts to sing a pirate song to you
    It helps to know that somewhere the world is waiting for you too.

    Somewhere out there if hope can make it so
    You’ll find what you dreamed of and then
    You will be ready to go.

    Somewhere out there ~ a better life will come your way
    You’ll find what you are needing ~
    and nothing will stand in your way.

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