A Special Song For Mia

Captain’s Log  4,447

Indiana Teri is at it again!  Look what she wrote for Big Sister Mia!

(to the tune of Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond)

Loving Fans
Reaching out
Singing with me
Singing to you…..

Sweet Mia Mine
Loyal fans like you ~ so sweet
(so sweet…so sweet…so sweet)
It comes to mind
You make my life feel so complete
But now….oh….

Look in my eyes
And I don’t feel so lonely
We fill our hearts ~ just we two
Deep in my heart
It’s just the two of us ~ only
Where would I be without you.

Sweet Mia Mine
Loyal fans like you ~ so sweet
(so sweet, so sweet, so sweet)
It comes to mind
You make my life feel so complete.


What more can I say?  My work here for the day is complete.  Nothing can top that.

Except this.  Another showing of the famous video.


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12 responses to “A Special Song For Mia

  1. betty boop

    awwww, someone had a GOOD TIME!!! that is so precious. glad you had fun.

  2. Looks like everyone had a blast, and Terri’s song is the icing on the cake. That’s priceless.

  3. So glad you and Mia liked my little song……I think it should be made into a musicl video with Mia’s fist-pumping behind it……LOL.

  4. Oh, that’s terrific! I didn’t know Teri could write songs.

  5. Joanie Benson

    Its a hit for sure! I wonder how much it would cost to get Neil himself to sing this at his next concert!!! Mia would pee her pants.

  6. Wonderful wonderful stuff indeed.

    Yes, everybody goes by taxi. Yes you look like you were having a ball…what fun. Nice song. Nice extra concert. You two are winners. Now get on down to the bay and bask in the booms from the tall ships. Fun there too. Members get in free.

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