Back from Lost Wages

Captain’s Log  4,446

Back from the Sin City of Lost Wages.  We had a bang-up time!  It was too frickin’ hot so we stayed inside the entire time.  Don’t give me that crap about “dry heat.”

The concert was the highlight of the trip.  Big Sister Mia also scored some free tickets to see Jersey Boys.  We did that Thursday night.  Fabulous show!  Absolutely!  What’s not to like?

Full cast.  Truly amazing!

We ate at a really neat place Friday night – KGB Burgers.  I have no idea what the name is supposed to mean, but the burgers were astounding!  Sometimes, veggie burgers can be so dense they seem like mud.  Not here.  These were the GOOD ones – made by Morningstar Farms.  I could tell.  I love how they present the French fries.  Everybody in Vegas gets French fries serves in cones.  Cones in stands.

Would you like a cone of fries with that?

We took the monorail over to the MGM to see Neil Diamond on Saturday night.  It’s a great ride but the system is bankrupt.  I can see why.  Charging people $5 EACH WAY to use it does not make it user-friendly.

Expensive train ride through the heart of the Las Vegas strip.

But the whole reason we went was to see Neil Diamond!  He’s still got what it takes!

Big Sister Mia was already nervous at 10:00 in the morning!  She wanted to make sure we got there on time, so we left just after 6:00.  The train ride took all of five minutes – and there we were!

This says it all.  She was so happy!

My mild-mannered sister gets a bit wound up at these events.

Back home now, and after a 2-hour nap, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the world.  Well…..maybe not the whole world.


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23 responses to “Back from Lost Wages

  1. Mia

    Thanks Terri. What a neat thing to do. I appreciate all the great comments today. Had such a time. Two hours he sang with no breaks.

  2. Watching Mia watching Neil singing Sweet Caroline….Watching me….Watching You….had to be a joy! So when is the next trip to Vegas?

    Loving Fans
    Reaching out
    Singing with me
    Singing to you…..

    Sweet Mia Mine
    Loyal fans like you ~ so sweet
    (so sweet…so sweet…so sweet)
    It comes to mind
    You make my life feel so complete
    But now….oh….

    Look in my eyes
    And I don’t feel so lonely
    We fill our hearts ~ just we two
    Deep in my heart
    It’s just the two of us ~ only
    Where would I be without you.

    Sweet Mia Mine
    DA DA DA….
    Loyal fans like you ~ so sweet
    (so sweet, so sweet, so sweet)
    It comes to mind
    DA DA DA
    You make my life feel so complete.

    DA DA DA…..

  3. Yay for good times and great sisters! xx

  4. Nice shirt.

    A sister is a nice companion when she likes what you like. I think that, if I mentioned Neil Diamond to her nowadays, she’d say “Who?” My husband would say it because he doesn’t connect with the outside world at all; my sister would say it because she turned in her brain when she got married.

  5. susanna

    Mia rocks. I love someone who gets their money’s worth and hey, Neil continues to be his same old handsome self. It’s really cool that the old dudes look hot to the old gals. You can have your Beibers, I’ll take the Diamond, right Mia?

  6. Edie

    Mia is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!

  7. Haha Mia! You go girl!

  8. Glad to hear you made it home safely from Lost Wages and with fun along the way! Neil Diamond and Mia. Now there’s a pair. Bet Mr. Diamond was surprised to find such an illustrious star audience, too.

  9. Jean

    Love love love the video !!!

  10. Wow! That was a quick trip. Glad it was everything you hoped it would be. (Except for that pesky dry heat thing.)

  11. Mia

    I had so much fun.

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