Whole Lotta Shakin’

Captain’s Log  4,432

Three substantial earthquakes here on Sunday and I didn’t feel a thing.  Mia and I must have been driving.  You don’t really feel them when you are driving.  The very first quake I ever felt here in San Diego happened about 2:00 in the morning.  The entire house shook like crazy and all the water in the swimming pool sloshed all over the place – actually created waves.   Weird.  There were more quakes last night around the dinner hour that I also did not feel.

Many of the quakes we feel are centered out in the desert in two different communities.  Joshua Tree and Brawley seem to get the brunt of things.  This is some of the damage in Brawley after the third quake hit.

A fine mess but not the end of the world.

They are calling this series of quakes a swarm.  Here’s the 24-hour activity as documented by the United States Geological Service.

So much activity in Brawley that you can’t even read the name of the town on the map.  Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!

One of my favorite places in California is just a few miles from Brawley – Salvation Mountain.  I can only imagine how it shakes and rolls out there on the shores of the Salton Sea.  Having lived with blizzards and tornadoes…..I will take an occasional earthquake any day.

It’s Freak Tuesday at the museum – the last hurrah of summer.  We are busy but not overwhelmed.  It was much worse last month with over 3,500 inside the building in just 6 hours.  Do the math.  583 people an hour.  But who’s counting?  The city has still not fixed our bee hole (neener), so anything can happen with that again too.  Someone told me the city is about 6 years behind on scheduled maintenance in the park, and that would not surprise me.

Time to go down and do a security shift with the unwashed hordes.  Good thing we all go home at 4:00 on these days.  Can’t stand staying another minute.





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8 responses to “Whole Lotta Shakin’

  1. I like the idea of using a car part to cover that hole. That is a liability issue waiting to happen. Some goofy kid is going to find it somehow and get hurt. Cover it and then IF the city ever comes to fix it….you can remove it. Or store lots of heavy items in front of it so you have time to remove the covering IF the city ever comes along…and if it takes 6 years…maybe it won’t be your problem anymore. Just sayin’ A swarm of earthquakes could cover the bee holes….Honey……LOL

    Based on HONEY by Bobby Goldsboro

    See the hole, how big it’s grown
    But friend it hasn’t been too long, it wasn’t there
    City laughed at us and we got mad
    Right now the bees are gone. The City’s just not fair.

    The first snow came and bees came in
    the sleeping vagrant found his winter den
    Old dogs, drug dealers and scorpions were there too
    I ask you why…
    And I laughed till I cried

    And Honey, I miss you
    But it’s not so good
    And I’d love to cover the bee hole
    If only I could

  2. keep your quakes…I kind of like knowing whats coming! Glad you safe! As to the bee hole (why do I want to giggle every time I say that?) isn’t there a car or car part that would fit in there? Make part of the museum! Shape the car like a bee hive!! Come on…lets brain storm!

  3. That’s crazy about the bees. A 4 foot hole in the plaster is an invitation for more trouble, both from critters and from two-legged pests.

    I saw that about the swarm of quakes. You never know what’s going on with those, whether they’re the precursor to a BIG temblor, or letting off steam to prevent the big temblor. There was a 7+ quake just a few weeks back, further south off the coast of Central America. I get really freakish feelings when a killer quake is on the horizon. For these it’s just a mild uneasiness. So far.

  4. susanna

    I did not know we had earthquakes here on Sun. I learn the coolest things on your site. I’ll send Lette over to get rid of the bee hole. She sprayed a nest/hive/mud thingie handing from our rafters with a spray can and the hornets dropped like flies; then she knocked the nest down with a stick. She’s from the Philippines where they take care of business themselves. I stood a safe distance away; I’m from the US where we don’t mess with hornets!

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