My Review of “Sparkle”

Captain’s Log  4,490

So….about the movie Sparkle……

It’s a bit like Dream Girls only Jordin Sparks (Sparkle) is a virgin.  But it has the required sister getting involved with the wrong man who beats her and introduces her to drugs, etc.  It has the angry sister.   All that stuff.  

Jordin’s character never finds its wings.  Of the three sisters, she was the most difficult for me to understand.  Her triumph at the end was ridiculous….unless, of course, she took the amazing Wallflower Transformation Pill.  I’ve heard those work.  I’ve also heard of UFO’s (but I have never actually seen one).

But the weirdest thing of all (hum that to Greatest Love of All) is seeing Whitney Houston trying to portray a matriarch who tries to shelter her girls from a life of show business and all the bad things associated with that – alcohol, drugs, bad boys, etc.  Pretty ironic.  Whitney really tried.  Everyone tried.  But I must say she looked ridiculous trying to look old and frumpy in a bathrobe with her hair wound up in a towel.

Jordin was a very pretty virgin, however.  With enormous lips they kept highlighting with makeup and lighting.  

Sparkle and Momma after the war between them is over

But the star of the movie (for me, anyway) was Carmen Ejogo.  Her life was the most interesting because she plays the “bad girl.”  

Bad Girl – named “Sister” in the movie

The saddest of all was watching Whitney Houston try really hard to do it right.  Her voice was gone (at least the voice we came to know and love as Whitney).  The snap and power had failed her.  I read that she was trying to get it back – was working with a vocal coach to regain some of what she lost.  This film makes it very apparent how far down the tubes she had gone.  Her voice would have eventually diminished with age.  How unfortunate that she accelerated that with all the drugs and wild lifestyle.  How unfortunate.

This film was set in Detroit during its glory days.  With Motown kicking ass and civil rights on the move, the city was alive with creativity, passion, and….sadly….a lot of anger.   I was in Detroit a few years ago, and the city is now a ghost town – in a reckless state of decay that can only whisper a sigh of times past.  In that regard, the movie was also painful.

Do I recommend seeing this film?  No, I do not.  Save it for Netflix.


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10 responses to “My Review of “Sparkle”

  1. Spent the day on the bay with that “other” museum. Not even seeing this one on Netflix. HUgs.

  2. Sad about Whitney…..I agree that her voice had lost so much after her years of abusing her body……

    and that brings me to this little tune.

    You say pie hole
    and I say bee hole
    I say bee hole
    and you say ass hole
    Bee Hole
    Pie Hole
    Bee Hole
    Ass Hole
    Let’s go see Neil Diamond in his show…..

    Terri T.

  3. As one of the original wallflowers, I don’t connect with these stories. I think it’s because I don’t really connect with the characters. I just accomplish things differently.

    This morning I told my sister that I am completely left-brained, and therefore I am always right. (Which is mostly a pun, but still…) She proceeded to try to convince me that I was wrong.

  4. Very, very sad. I saw the original way back when, and it wasn’t good then either. I suspect this knockoff would be more sad for its performer heritage than for the movie itself, though that’s bad enough.

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