Sweet Caroline – So Good! So Good! So Good!

Captain’s Log  4,489

The city was supposed to come and fix the bee hole at the museum.  Guess who still has a bee hole?  That sounds kind of smutty, doesn’t it?  Bee hole.  Bee hole.

The weather has finally broken and we are back to the way things are supposed to be.  Low 70’s during the day and mid 60’s at night.  Not much variation at all.  We know when winter arrives because our feet get cold enough to require socks.  It’ supposed to be in the high 90’s next week in Vegas, but what do we care?  They keep the casinos icy cold, and with no mirrors or clocks or clear glass to the outside, you don’t even know if it’s day or night.

The saddest thing about casinos is seeing the hard-core gamblers sitting by the ATM machines around midnight…waiting for the day to turn so they can withdraw another $300.  Wow!  That makes me sad.

We are going to see Neil Diamond at the MGM Grand.  I’ve not seen this particular hall, but it holds 18,000 fans.  In this case, it will be 6,000 men, 11,999 underwear-tossing older women, and me.  The time he walked by Big Sister Mia on his way to the stage in San Diego (within touching distance), I thought she would swoon!

Holly Holy Mommacita!

I must admit, he puts on an amazing show.  His band is phenomenal!  I enjoy the concert, but I get the biggest thrill out of watching the technical tricks.  It’s also fun when the whole place erupts in one huge voice for a sing-along.  He is a master performer.   But I still don’t like the idea of the chair not hearing.  That has to be one of the dumbest song lyrics.  Other than that, Neil is right fine in my book!

I woke up in the middle of the night to a painful chin.  Since I assumed it wasn’t gout or anything of that ilk, I got up so see an enormous boulder of a zit just hanging out there – angry as could be.  It was one of those deep zits that feels like it’s attached to a bone or something.  Angry and defiant.  So I nailed it.  I had to.  You cannot just walk away from a zit like that, you must fool with it until you pop it and probably make it worse.  Huge fun at 3:00 AM.  And probably TMI for here.  But it’s Saturday and I don’t have much to say.

One of the older volunteers from the museum is meeting me later to see Sparkle.  His choice, not mine.  We have seen a few films in the past and he is an absolute dear.  This film sounds a bit like Dream Girls on a mission to honor Whitney Houston.  Review tomorrow.

Time to shower and meet my “date” for the afternoon.


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23 responses to “Sweet Caroline – So Good! So Good! So Good!

  1. You shut your bee hole! Have fun with Neil Diamond in Las Vegas!

  2. herstory07

    Lol. You said bee hole.

  3. Edie

    I love Neil Diamond. We saw him in Pittsburgh, Pa years ago and you’re absolutely right about his band. Great show…enjoy

  4. Neil Diamond is wonderful, isn’t he? Just move along and skip his one and only, abysmal attempt at moving his act to the big screen. The Jazz Singer was bad. Ridiculously so. Neil Diamond and Luci Arnaz. MMmm mmm… not good, lol.

  5. Mia

    I can hardly wait until next Saturday to sweat and scream

  6. Ah, there is nothing more important than nailing a zip at 0330. Maybe plugging a bee hole would count too, but not at 0330. We are creating pizzas then are off to a movie this afternoon. I want to see Bernie….which is highly recommended and out on disk yesterday….but he has other aims. We will let you know too. Now…how did you get down into your pink and green subterranean room?

    • poolagirl

      The building contractor guy unsealed it and we crawled down the very steep steps. Amazingly creepy and cool at the same time!

  7. I love his music too….I imagine Mia will be looking or new sweatshirts to wear in his honor…….sounds like a lot of fun……

  8. Oh, my! That’s a concert worth attending! I loved watching him receive Kennedy Center Honors.

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