Sam the Singer

Captain’s Log  4,488

This kid is amazing.  And yes, his lip syncing isn’t very good.  He was only nine years old when he did this.  He also doesn’t speak English.  Listen and be inspired.

To have such a gift – and to be able to use it.  I am blown away.

When I went out to feed the birds this morning, it actually felt cool.  There was a bit of mist clinging to the air.  My guess is that is a sign of fall.  We really DO have seasons here in San Diego, but they are subtle.  Putting on socks means it’s winter.  Things like that.

I went to Home Depot yesterday to get some ideas for a large piece of art I want to create.  Something like this only more random and not with such clean lines.  More abstract.  Should be fun.

I have a very busy day today and that does not please me.  I had hoped to leave early but that does not seem like a possibility now.  Guess it’s the price I pay for being away yesterday.  I hate paying that piper.  

I have been knocking my brain to try to figure out how to create a symphonic orchestra with cars, African drummers, a children’s group that plays strings, and a composer of radical music.  I can’t even begin to fathom what that might cost.  I also want to dress up the cars in tuxedos.  I have no idea about that either.

Speaking of dressing up cars, we finished the Steampunk hat for Luigi, the museum’s mascot.

Such a handsome fellow!  

Hopefully, he will draw some visitors to the museum.  We also have a cut-out (stick your face in the hole and take a picture kind of thing) and some music playing out there.  Make a little noise and have a little fun.  The older I get, the more I rely on visuals for fun.

Daylight is burning, so I guess it’s off to the Confederacy.  


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10 responses to “Sam the Singer

  1. That little boy, Samuel Afi? Lip-syncing in that particular video but it really IS him singing. Look him up by name on YouTube. He won his national equivalent to American Idol. You can see him performing on television at this link:

  2. Give him a bow tie and a walking stick. 🙂
    You are on the right track. Me….out looking for underwear. So mundane. lol

  3. susanna

    Wow, that boy is amazing. Thanks for that.
    I really like the idea of music out in front by the stick your head in the hole, take picture…you are right, it’s fun that draws them in. Maybe large pictures of a couple of the best of the best items inside would inspire more folks to go through the doors. teasers outside are always good.

  4. Luigi is adorable…..and so is that young man lipsyncing~ his facial expressions are so beautiful.
    Good luck with the orchestra with tuxedoed cars…..I’m sure if anyone can figure it out ~ it will be you….
    Will they lipsync ONE..?

    One singular sensation
    Every little drive he takes.
    One thrilling combination
    Every trip that he makes.
    One vooorm and suddenly no other car will do;
    You know you’ll never be lonely with you know who.
    One moment
    in his warm seats
    And you can forget the rest.
    For this car is second best
    To none,
    Ooooh! Sigh!
    Give him your attention.
    Do…I…really have to mention?
    He’s the One?

  5. Great hat! I could sleep in there.

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