Brush Fires Await

Captain’s Log  4,486

Nothing beats a cup of French pressed coffee in the morning.

Extra effort but SOOO worth it!

I have another long day ahead of me.  Leaving in a bit.

How many days before we leave for Las Vegas?  Hmmmmm……..  I do believe it’s 8.  8 more days and then I get a 5-day break from the Confederacy.

The temperatures have dropped.  It’s 71 degrees right now but the humidity is 80%.  So it still feels closed and icky.  The sky and grey and it looks like it could rain.  That would be the best of all.  

I met a friend yesterday to talk over his writing projects (books).  He’s already been published twice.  Third book comes out in October.  He gave me a partial manuscript for the 4th book.  I am impressed.  He did what he needed to do to devote solid time to his writing.  I am getting very close to taking that step myself.

But not today.  Too many brush fires await.


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22 responses to “Brush Fires Await

  1. Vegas for me would require a motorized chair for SURE. But you bet your sweet bippy I’d be there with bells – and wheels! – on given the opportunity!

    I am crossing my fingers that the theater finds you and vice versa. You are so talented; it’s heartbreaking to know what lies within you and know it’s been buried for so long for survival.

  2. You need to join my daughter in her fire safety classes. LOL

  3. Ha! When I was a young woman, Las Vegas was a city I wanted to visit. I never did, of course; my husband and I had babies and bought a house and amused ourselves with the television…
    But I would go to Vegas now — if I didn’t have to fly — because my child is there.

  4. I’m wishing we could meet you in Vegas ~ Baby… but not this time. Glad you are talking about writing and making time for that…. And so happy you are getting involved in community theater again.

  5. susanna

    French press coffee…straight up or half and half? Getting the full picture. And Vegas!! I am now inspired to count down to….something. Glad to hear you are investigating books and publishing and cool stuff like that. I will investigate my something.

  6. I’ve never been to Vegas. I’ve been told that it’s a fun place, but all of that sun would be exhausting to me. A gloomy British moor is more my style. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????!!!!!

  7. betty boop

    what a tease you are….talking about french press coffee and vegas!!!!! i am envious.

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