Unfolding Drama

Captain’s Log  4,478

The story of the trashed lily pond continues to unfold.  Apparently, one of the people being considered to be an organizer (even though he wasn’t even there) is the boyfriend of the Republican candidate for mayor of San Diego.  The whole thing seems strange – the pond party as well as this mayoral race.  How many ultra right-wing gay Republicans are there?  Especially ones who voted against Prop 8 here in California?  Oh my gosh!  I think there is one and he is running for mayor of San Diego!   We get it all.  We get Heaven’s Gate, the Amber Dubois/Chelsea King murders, the San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre, and…..Carl DeMaio for mayor.  Carl is acting the victim now because people are questioning his ethics.  I found a video on YouTube where he was booed the entire length of the gay pride parade here last month.  Methinks he would need a super miracle to pull off an election after all of this.  His own community doesn’t support him, and the community at large will now have a whole new view.

After this episode, it’s going to be impossible for him to distance himself from these issues.  I didn’t even know much about this guy until yesterday, but I certainly did my homework last night.  My, oh my!  He is Little Mister Cut Your Program Even If It Kills You – So What.

The San Diego police are on the hook too.  They were warned about this event 24 hours before it happened, and they chose to ignore it.  We also have no idea where park security was for 2 hours.  The guard claimed he never saw anything.  How do you NOT see 1,500 people in swimsuits trashing a lily pond at 1:00 in the morning?  I think I would notice that if I was supposed to be patrolling the park in my truck.

America’s Finest City?  I am beginning to have serious doubts.


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15 responses to “Unfolding Drama

  1. Keep this up and California will replace Arizona as the nation’s all-time political laughingstock. I didn’t think that was possible.

  2. I’m at a loss for words. Is the Security officer a real policeman or just one of those “rent-a-cop” types? Sure does sound strange that no one had a clue that this was going on and getting out of hand…..and no one made any attempt to try to stop it. Wonder if there were any 911 calls made to the SDPD at all?

    • poolagirl

      Park security is rent-a-cop. The night my alarms were going off, they couldn’t “help” me, but they at least called the San Diego police. This whole thing is strange. Apparently, they were tipped off with huge advance notice. Some heads are going to roll for sure!

      • Rent-a-cops usually don’t get too involved……unless they go way over the top….sound like this one might not have been very “attentive” to his duties…..and I hope plenty of heads roll on this one…..

  3. All I can do is shake my head. Ultra right-wing gay Republicans trashing Balboa Park. I’m not voting for him….but do we have a good ultra left-wing Gay Democrat in the wings? I think I will keep on researching a small essay on the U Boat Pens of the North Atlantic.

  4. A really, really sad situation.

  5. joan

    This entitlement of pols, cops and security looking the other way Plueeese- somebody needs a good firing-

    A High school prank-

  6. Patti

    Man, and I thought all the stupid shit happens in Florida! : )

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