Based on Improvement

Captain’s Log  4,476

I am remembering the time I received a 20-cent per hour raise because I was already high-qualified when I started the job.  The company rewarded people on improvement.  Made no sense.  It was not about productivity, it was about improvement in job skills.  So… explain this better….  If I was stellar at something and made the company a ton of money, they still wanted me to polish my skills in an area that really meant nothing in terms of the bottom line.  If I failed to make the mark in this ridiculous area, I “failed” my performance review.

The same ideology is playing out at the Confederacy.  I will be considered a “failure” and will receive no raise if I don’t make a high mark in an area that has little or no significant financial gain.  I can put my efforts into areas that will pay enormous rewards, but the Confederacy is demanding miracles in small places where nobody will even know the difference.

This is what happens when you are good at your job.  People figure out ways to make you fail.  Age-old dynamic that crushes the creative spirit and leads to apathy and distrust.  Interesting.  The level on the playing field is mediocre.  Somehow, that is better.  White bread.  It is the mindset of corporate America.  Shall I puke now or later?




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16 responses to “Based on Improvement

  1. Jo has it on the nose. So give them five & and give your plans 95%. 🙂

  2. They’ve only got one part right: you were stellar to begin with and you can only improve so far from there. Saddest part is when you finally walk away – which looks to be soon – they will almost certainly be stuck with someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass and all your work will shine in comparison. Their loss and they’re too stupid to know it.

  3. Joanie benson

    Go ahead and puke if you want to. The corporate world is enough to make anyone lose their groceries. Imagine having to pretend like you’re an idiot so that your initial progress report will look like you’ve IMPROVED…and do this for several years so each report looks increasingly better. This is the world we live in? No wonder things are so messed up!

  4. Been there, done that, have the T-shirt! Oh my, the many times I heard that lame excuse that I was too good for the job and therefore, because OTHERS could not reach my level, I wasn’t going to get a raise… Yep, time to find something that enriches your life and makes you proud…even if it is driving around taking photos and writing blogs…Wait a minute, that sounds very fulfilling.

  5. I saw that kind of action take place in Blood Services, with a director they wanted to remove. They told him that if collections were not 100 per cent over the next year, he was out.

    Collections were not good that year; it was the beginning of AIDS publicity, and a lot of people were certain they would catch it from donating blood. My boss worked harder than I had ever seen; his collection stats were something like 92 per cent, which was spectacular in that era. But he was let go. As if happened, he found something he liked a lot better.

    He also did my annual review, which was due just when he was to leave. The Big Shots were going to discard it, because “no one could be that good.” After a month, his replacement agreed to accept his evaluation. I think I left about a year later…

  6. Don’t puke at all. Turn things around with some dynamic action then abandon them all for some cool coastal Geo Caching. 🙂

  7. jo

    Ignore them, you know the wall and the writing
    The truth they want what you have but not at the cost of being different or making waves
    All change makes waves- its become a personality thing

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