Fun Board

Captain’s Log  4,473

I got up early this morning and spent time with my favorite board of directors.  Historic Highway 80 has a board composed of truly wonderful people that I dearly love being with them.  We are such a motley crew!

This old road ran from Tybee Island, Georgia all the way to San Diego.  Back in the day.  Once upon a time.

I would dearly love to drive the route someday.  It goes all the way across the southern United States.  Not as famous as Route 66, but more historically signficant and much, much longer.

Time to run an errand.  My lunch date just cancelled so I have the time to dash out and mail a package.  I ordered a green jacket and the company sent me a black one.  No like looking like a Ninja.  Going back.

Slow day for news aboard the HMS Pie Rat.


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10 responses to “Fun Board

  1. I actually took the 80 from San Diego to the east coast when it was a two lane Highway. Three army girls heading to their first post. I owned the car, and I was the only one to smoke. The others must have been miserable. And too, I made them stop, if even briefly, at Civil War Battlefields. It was a memorable trip,.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the 80 – but now I feel the need to check it out! Definitely sounds like a great road trip in the making.

  3. Sounds like a fun drive….maybe you will be able to take it sometime…..Green has continued to be my favorite color….I realized how much so when I was putting things away in our downsizer…..lots of greeness in here now.

  4. I can’t believe we haven’t thought about that one very much. I know that I-I-40 pretty much parallels US70, and I-10 follows US 90, but US80. Hmmmm – now that’ll require some research. Consider us interested.

  5. My sister is driving from Austin TX to San Diego in October , as part of a road trip with my BiL. Will she hit Historic Highway 80? I shall tell her to be suitably impressed if she does! s x

    • poolagirl

      If she stays on the interstate highways, she will miss the old road completely. But….she should come see me at the museum!

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