Finished Placating Asshats

Captain’s Log  4,471

There are people out there in the world whose intolerance scares the living crap out of me.  There.  I said it.  And what truly pisses me off is the expectation that I will ALWAYS take the high road and embrace them in spite of their idiocy.  Because I am nice like that.  I am a very good idiot embracer.  And then…..I get angry and the game is over.

I’m getting off the stupid train.  That’s a term I coined from Kitchenblogic a few months ago.  Stupid train.  That’s what it is, and hanging around with people who violate my sense of decency is just not acceptable anymore.  I cannot even pretend to like them.  I have no interest in even tolerating them just to “keep the peace.”  Done.  Finished.  

I compare this kind of thing to the fine line between erotic literature and pornography.  We all know the difference, but we cannot really define it, and everyone has an individual experience.  There is also a fine line between “feisty and strong-willed” and “inherently cruel-spirited.”  I am getting better at spotting people who go over the line, people who are cruel at heart.   In their company I find myself profoundly sad.  Sometimes helpless when I even consider how damaged they have become over the years.

I don’t like being around people that close to the edge.   I don’t like feeling the pressure of watching my step so carefully as not to offend them.  Never mind that they are offending me without any feeling of remorse whatsoever.  For some reason, my carefree attitude has given people “permission” to trounce me.  Enough.

So, farewell cruel ones.  I know you are on this planet to teach some sort of lesson, and I hope I have finally learned it.  I hope I am finished with you so I can release you to the ethers without regret.  You may not come knocking on my door again, for I must respect myself as much as I respect anyone.  I count.   I didn’t wound your inner child or rob you of your self esteem.  It is not my job to give you those gifts at the cost of my own soul.  

It really feels good to say these things.  Sometimes when you have a friendly personality, people don’t realize how much they really DO hurt you.  When you tell them how you feel, their first response is often anger – making it your fault somehow.  Trust me, this is true.  These people are master manipulators.  Dangerous robbers of my peace of mind.  

So that’s quite a start for a Monday, eh?  Things can only go up from here.  LOL!


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28 responses to “Finished Placating Asshats

  1. Carrie Duff

    Thank you

  2. Seriously. I’ve learned to be intolerant of ignorant. And I look at that as a Good Thing. No more wasting my time allowing the voices of ignorance into my playhouse. Go Poolie, go!

  3. OOOooooooooooooooo, boy, I need to follow you around for a while. LOL

  4. Another of my friends put it succinctly: “Stupid should hurt.”

    Trouble is, stupid does hurt. It hurts the people who don’t put their feet down and say no; it hurts the generator of the stupidity because they have ruined any possibility of respect or genuine friendship; and it hurts the rest of us because 99 times out of 100 we end up paying for their stupidity, whether financial (insurance, anybody?) or physically (accidents, etc.) or just the sheer annoyance factor.

  5. My big problem is that I’m too blunt for my britches.

  6. I just had to respond directly to Joan. She immediately reminded me of Mayor Koch. However, I agree with you 100 per cent. You may have noticed, my daughter has unfriended that kind of person. She told them, “you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to state it on my page.”

    The biggest problem these days is that there is no law against stupidity. But remember, there used to be no law against rape. Twenty years ago, my daughter was trying to write a paper for school about rape; all the standard references only had the definition of a type of plant. The only way I can think of to fix it is not to tolerate stupid people any more.

    Isn’t that intolerant of me? It’s okay, I’m old, no one cares what I think.

  7. Joanie Benson

    What a great card….I know several people who would be appropriate recipients. I wish I could print it out and paste it on my mirror at work for certain clients to see but it makes me squirm. I guess I’m not quite that evolved yet…either that or I still value money over principle. Eww. Give me time. I hate the fact that sometimes I have to swallow my tongue in order not to start a frickin’ war in a business situation. If someone seems not so threatening, however, I do try to steer them in another direction in a non-confrontational way. Sometimes it even works. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that people can be ignorant. Even me at times.

  8. Catholicism drilled into our heads to be nice to everyone all the time, turn the other cheek, etc. Along with so many of those things I was taught, I find it so difficult to ignore the passive aggressive hatred that is spewed my way. Good for you, Poolie!!!

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