Passport Time!

Captain’s Log   4,468

So I started the process of getting a new passport.  OMG!  I let the old one expire, so I have to start all over.  Not a problem.  It will come in handy when I visit Bud and his wife in Spain and go see Amy & Kelly in Canada too.  No worries.  International travel is most definitely in the cards for me!

Who has time to work?

Speaking of working, and very elderly gentleman came to see me about advertising the other day.  He doesn’t HAVE to work, he chooses to work.  He’s almost 80 and says he doesn’t honestly know what he would do with himself if he wasn’t out and about every day meeting clients.  I say good for him.  I used to think I would be like that.  Chance are….nope.  If I was still working in the music business, I might feel that way, but not anymore.   At this point in my life, work is just something you do until you can figure out a way to not do it anymore.  There is no more joy in Mudville.

But there was joy last night in London!  Holy mommacita!  Go Gabby Douglas!  And shame on everyone who is making a fuss about her fookin’ HAIR!  I challenge everyone who made a snipe about that to get thy ass up on the balance beam and execute a flying split – after a series of backward flips.  Get up there, asswipes!  Unbelievable what people say and do.  Armchair quarterbacks and fashion consultants need to keep still.  Use the energy you spent making negative comments to do something good for the world.  Dare you!

And here’s where I go off-topic.  I know that comes as a major surprise.

And about Chick-fil-a and all that dusting up……  Having never set foot in one of those places and my only contact with the property has been trying to find a geocache in their landscaping, the boycott has been really easy for me.  Can’t say I miss them cuz  Chickie, I hardly knew ye.  The last time I ate in a fast food restaurant was with Joanie, Hairdresser Exceptionale.  We were also geocaching in the landscaping near a KFC in a horrible rainstorm, so we went inside to get dry.  You can’t just sit there, so we ate some potatoes.  Big Sister Mia and I stopped at some sort of fast food place on our way to the Birmingham airport last year.  We had been driving about 2 hours and needed coffee and a snack.  As a rule, I never eat in a fast food restaurant.  First of all, the smell of meat grease is usually overwhelming.  And if you have ever seen the film Supersize Me, you would agree that those places are truly awful.

Here’s a list of suggested things to avoid in order to live a better life.

fast food restaurants (obviously already stated)

those places where fish eat dead skin off your feet

How gross is that?

those massage chair places in the mall where the Chinese guys smack the shit out of neck (unless you tell them to be gentle – then it’s only a partial shit smacking)

churro stands in Tijuana that are set up right where you cross the border

Don’t even think about how many times they re-use that oil!

Mariachi bands (kind of like bad churros only they move around and annoy you while you are trying to eat your guacamole)

Poised to attack!

(I am not making fun of Mexican things.  My Mexican friends don’t like the churro stands or the intrusive music either.  I am in full solidarity with them.)

99-Cent Stores……do you really need those out-of-date cookies from Japan?

Chick-fil-a….except to dance with the big cow.  Dancing with the cow is fun.  I did that the day we couldn’t find the geocache.  I suppose it’s better to dance with the cow if the cow is gay, but that’s really hard to determine.

RV tent sales where they chase you around and try to get you to spend $140,000 on a second home on wheels (with automatic leveling devices) that you might use five times in your entire life

Bus stops in San Diego that all smell like pee

Costco on a Saturday

Processed cheese food (unless you are starving on the Appalachian Trail)

Bottled water…..destroys your natural immunity and your teeth fall out

Flamin’ hot any kind of snack food.  What?  You LIKE fire-butt in the morning????

So off I go for the last day of work before another weekend.  I am going to do my second job tonight to get it out of the way.  Tomorrow’s plans call for breakfast with George & Maggie and then a trip to see JHE (Joanie, Hairdresser Exceptionale).  Sunday is just for ME!  

Burning daylight…..


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18 responses to “Passport Time!

  1. I still haven’t watched the Olympics so can’t comment on anybody’s hair or athletic performance. But I can speak to working at 80 – unless it’s writing, on my schedule – no way. I may have no choice but if I do it won’t be working full time for anybody but myself.

  2. I confess. I ate 4 chocolate chip cookies from Costco. Now I am going to Subway for something to bring home and eat at light speed.

    Gabby Douglass flies like a butterfly.

    Boycott…the food is terrible anyway.


  3. What’s that about bottled water? How can it do anything bad if it’s just water? Really asking here, not just being snitty. People do say vile things about female athletes, don’t they. Silly people. xxx

  4. I’m not a pedicure chick to begin with, but the thought of little fish chewing yucky off my feet … especially since they have done it to many other feet before mine … bleh!

  5. Original comment undoubtedly made (I didn’t see it, as I don’t Tweet) by someone who doesn’t remember what such comments did for Don Imus. (Well, I didn’t care for him anyway.)

    I’m remembering my mother saying, “Ignore them. They’re just jealous.” She never told me they were stupid; I figured that out by myself.

  6. Wait a minute!!! Who the he’ll is talking about Gabby Douglas’s hair????? Ignorant Turd-heads!!! ( thanks for that expression, Poolie!! It sounds better than my old standby, “a plague on both your houses!!!!

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